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OSS/BSS Services

OSS/BSS Services to illuminate your path forward

How do intelligent IT operations drive business outcomes?

OSS/BSS Services

We walk with you every step of your transformation with OSS/BSS Services

Take your business and operations to the next level

As 5G standalone rolls out worldwide, advanced 5G capabilities open the door to innovative enterprise 5G services and use cases that can revolutionize the way we live, work and play. CSPs share many goals and challenges: to get new 5G services to market quickly and monetize them effectively.

Staying competitive in the 5G ecosystem requires CSPs to replace traditional, siloed IT systems with new automated, data-driven operational approaches. The Ericsson OSS/BSS portfolio unleashes evolutionary capabilities by integrating best-in-class software driven by the latest cloud/edge, AI/ML and automation technologies.

Trusted partner with global reach

Efficient operations: streamline delivery for success

Optimized cloud deployment

Unleashing synergistic value                                                                  

How can Ericsson’s OSS/BSS Services help you?

Investing in the right technology is essential, but not always enough. With its comprehensive OSS/BSS Services, Ericsson provides smart, customized, strategic IT expertise and guidance to steer CSPs towards optimal business outcomes, relying on:

  • Vast resources backed by a proven track record.
  • Over 300 Communication Services Providers (CSP) customers use our OSS/BSS technology at scale worldwide.

And we’re more than just a technology vendor. We’re a trusted partner with proven expertise, ready to strategize and realize your transformation journey.

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How do intelligent IT operations drive business outcomes?

How do intelligent IT operations drive business outcomes?

Ericsson network orchestration and assurance services enabling successful operationalization of network slicing

To support CSPs’ evolution of OSS/BSS on the network slicing journey, from inception to integration and managing platform operations to realize and operationalize network slicing at scale, Ericsson provides a set of services that combine the expertise of Ericsson to Advise, Build, Operate, and Ensure the best and fastest route to market for new services, and reduce risks to implement network slicing.

Market assessment, use case prioritization, value proposition, GTM and pricing strategy

Technical assessment, operationalization of NS strategy, evolution stategy

Dynamic Network Slicing Solution extendibility with integration of new vendors into network slice ecosystem

Overall performance monitoring of the plattorm enabled by Al/ML capabilities

Management of new slice templates based on tailored requirements and end to end automated business process operations


5G enterprise architecture, and business transformation advisory.                                                                                             

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Deploy, integrate, test, upgrade, application development and maintenance (ADM) services

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IT managed services, automated service management, and support services.

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Cloud certification, security and performance assurance services                                                                                             

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OSS/BSS Services categories

Unlock value with the right OSS/BSS Services

Unlock value with the right OSS/BSS Services

View an overview of our OSS/BSS Services.


  • Set the strategic path forward
  • Tap lucrative new revenue streams
  • Optimize OSS/BSS for business value realization
  • Enable strong AI/ML and data-driven operations

For example, Ericsson OSS/BSS Services can reinforce and enhance software-driven OSS/BSS capabilities, such as catalog driven architectures, centralized order management, unified network inventories and superior service experience.

Day in the life of a digital BSS consultant

Explore the strategic challenges of monetizing 5G

Enterprise architect consultants with 20+ years of OSS/BSS experience

Experience ensures adherence to best practices                                              

Enable business strategy and sales                                                                  

Enable automation transformation                                                                                                  


  • Accelerate time to revenue with rapid deployment of products and solutions
  • Seamlessly migrate and modernize OSS/BSS to the cloud for optimal efficiency
  • Streamline services to realize greater cost-efficiency and a future-proof architecture
  • Benefit faster from OSS/BSS applications’ capabilities
  • Fully leverage the power of a cloud-based IT infrastructure with Ericsson, an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)
300 +
CSPs Using Ericsson OSS/BSS products and solutions
180 +
Countries local presence
global delivery centers


  • Seamlessly monitor and manage multi-cloud infrastructure, applications and processes
  • Intervene proactively by predicting potential service performance degradation
  • Streamline processes and boost productivity with 20+ AI-powered use cases and 25+ data-driven processes
  • Improve business process performance and reduce BSS applications failures

Tackle challenges and complexity with Ericsson Automated Business Service Management


  • Performance and security of Ericsson products and solutions tailored to specific (and often hybrid) infrastructure
  • Portability of DevOps practices across the infrastructure
  • Management of critical IT security and risk priorities
  • Optimal performance and reliability of systems enterprise-wide
Avoid vendor lock-in
Embrace DevOps practices
Achieve Zero-Trust security
Unleash optimal performance

Your cloud transformation starts with us

IT modernization presents many opportunities to build and operate applications taking full advantage of the cloud computing model, spanning:

  • Disposability
  • Replaceability
  • API-driven architecture
  • Speed
  • Elasticity
  • Geographical versatility
  • Automation
  • Cloud platforms

We can create and manage scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments - public, private, and hybrid clouds.

This approach fuels innovation and enhances agility to react to market dynamics, while optimizing operational efficiency across the entire spectrum of traditional application development and maintenance, quality assurance, as well as Cloud-Native development and application modernization or migration.

Cloud Native Application Development

As an AWS Managed Service Provider and partner, Ericsson stands ready to plan, design, develop and maintain your cloud IT applications.

For CSPs now embracing a cloud IT infrastructure, having a partner who is qualified in AWS application development and migration is essential to meeting your 5G business goals.

Our cloud transformation services are integral to every step of your OSS/BSS Services transformation, including Advise, Build, Operate and Ensure.

Cloud Native Application Development

Discover what customers say about our OSS/BSS Services

Airtel India

Consolidates its online charging solution for its 350 million subscribers by partnering with Ericsson, simplifying its architecture while lowering its overall TCO.


Improves its customer experience with AI and IT operations.


Synchronizes OSS/BSS for automated 5G digital service delivery.

Transformative technology powered by Ericsson OSS/BSS Services

Connected ports

An in-depth eBrief describing how Ericsson has partnered with multiple CSPs and enterprises to revolutionize the world’s seaports for greater operational efficiency and profitability.

Water utilities

How 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions and specialized OSS/BSS capabilities enable a water utility to set up an efficient multi-partner smart water solution to help monitor, manage and monetize water distribution more effectively.

du from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC)

du partners with Ericsson to boost digital transformation by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and Ericsson OSS/BSS Services. The results include vastly improved quality, efficiency and agility.