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Expert Analytics


Expert Analytics offers near real-time, multivendor and cross-domain big data analytics capabilities tailored for communication service providers.

By correlating metrics and events from network nodes, probes, devices, OSS/BSS, and other sources, Expert Analytics enables service providers to estimate customer experiences for each of their individual subscriber, as well as obtain actionable behavior insights to predict, prioritize, and resolve subscriber-impacting events, retain and upsell subscribers, and prioritize network investments.


Increase revenues

Quantified positive impacts on subscriber retention, cross-sell/upsell and customer lifetime value (CLV) through improved customer experience.

Optimize operations

Demonstrated lower operational expenses from customer care (reduced calls to contact center, improved 1st-/2nd-line first call resolution (FCR) and reduced escalations) as well as planning and engineering operations.

5G support

Obtain essential insights to support, optimize and monitor 5G deployments and subscriber adoption.

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Communication service providers face increasing competitive pressure to deliver excellent customer experience, necessary for sustained revenue growth, subscriber retention and high lifetime value.

Big data analytics can help, but fully leveraging insights exactly when they can be most impactful has proved to be a challenge. In addition, service providers often struggle to tailor generic big data solutions for their specific needs. This is where Expert Analytics comes in.

As a multi-vendor, cross-domain, big data analytics solution tailored to service providers, Expert Analytics is designed to improve the subscriber experience and drive new revenue through a real-time, end-to-end telecommunication analytics solution offering unique insights and closed-loop actions.

Expert Analytics measures the perceived experience of subscribers based on correlated metrics and events from network nodes, probes, devices, OSS/BSS, and other sources. It helps service providers predict, prioritize, and resolve subscriber-impacting events as well as to retain and upsell based on experience and behavior profiles.

Expert Analytics supports a wide range of services, including challenging new services such as VoLTE and VoWiFi as well as encrypted over-the-top (OTT) traffic. It is 5G enabled for both core and radio, bringing essential insights to help telecommunication service providers successfully bring 5G capabilities to their subscribers.

Expert Analytics addresses a broad range of telecommunication use cases and leverages the vast telecommunication domain knowledge and experience of Ericsson, providing a toolset to help service providers meet changing business and consumer demands. By converting data to insights, and, through integration with our leading OSS/BSS portfolio, converting insights to actions, Expert Analytics delivers significant positive impacts in such key areas as:

  • Marketing, through the measurement of subjective customer experience and prediction of Net promoter score (NPS) for every subscriber, using artificial intelligence to identify churn risk, upsell potential, and customer support needs; and automatically delivering targeted offers that drive retention, satisfaction and average revenue per user (ARPU).
  • Customer care, delivering a more satisfying customer care experience with higher first-call resolution and shorter call-handling time.
  • Operations, helping to identify subscriber-impacting events in near real time, prioritize based on scope and importance of impact, and automatically identify the most probable cause of the issue before triggering the next best action (policy, configuration, trouble ticket, etc.)
  • Planning, assisting in enhanced network investment decisions based on knowledge of which upgrades will most impact the perceived customer experience of the most important customers.
  • Radio access network (RAN) analytics, helping to leverage fast, visual, explorative analytics for large sets of detailed RAN data, guided by artificial intelligence, in order to support 24/7 RAN optimization.
  • Monetization, supporting new business models with partners based on anonymized subscriber data and insights.