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IT Managed Services

With the introduction of 5G and cloud, the role of IT Managed Services has evolved to become an enabler of new revenue opportunities, in addition to delivering efficient cloud and IT operations for service providers on their 5G journey.

Key challenges

There are three key challenges impacting communication service providers’ (CSPs) cloud and IT landscape.

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Increased complexity

CSPs need to address the complexity of the technology landscape and the growing scale of operations driven by cloud, virtualization, 5G and IoT.

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Increased consumer expectations

Consumer demands for a superior digital experience are driving service providers to become more agile in launching new services to stay competitive.

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Stringent service levels

CSPs need to deliver stringent industrial grade SLAs such as 99.999 % up-time to reliably support business-critical services.

How we tackle these challenges: Ericsson Operations Engine

Today, service providers need a new operating model to tackle these complexities. Over a period of three years, we have invested heavily in defining a new operating model, digitalizing our processes and developing AI capabilities. We have developed more than 40 AI use cases and built an automation platform for the automated operations of 65 million subscribers.

This has resulted in the launch of the Ericsson Operations Engine.

With the introduction of the Ericsson Operations Engine, we have accelerated our journey from reactive and incident-driven, to proactive, data-driven cloud and IT operations.

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The benefits of Ericsson IT Managed Services

Best cost of ownership

Improve operational efficiency by 20-40 percent, leveraging AI and automation for cloud, IT applications and infrastructure operations.

Superior customer experience

Reduce customer complaints by 30 percent by automating business processes related to customer, order and billing management.

New revenue growth

Enable enterprise services monetization by improving time to market (TTM) by 30 percent.

Improved agility and TTM

Leverage cloud-native and state-of-the-art API architecture for 20 percent faster time to market.

What we offer

Our Ericsson Operations Engine offerings are listed below. Powered by AI and automation, they support operational efficiency, revenue growth, improve customer experience and reduce time to market.

Customer highlights

SOMOS goes AI with Ericsson Operations Engine

Over 42 million Toll-Free Numbers (TFN) in North America will be managed by the AI-powered Ericsson Operations Engine in a new deal with Somos. Read the press release, here. Learn more about our Cloud Native Application Development offering, here.

Bharti Airtel renews partnership with Ericsson

Ericsson’s new three-year partnership with Airtel, India’s largest service provider, will transform existing operations with the latest capabilities introduced through the Ericsson Operations Engine. Read the press release, here. Learn more about our Cloud and IT Service Operations offering, here.

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