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Zero touch automation in Business and Operations Support Systems


Zero touch automation in Business and Operations Support Systems

Telia: BSS/OSS for automated 5G digital service delivery

Telia enacted an ambitious digital transformation to unify operations in six Nordic and Baltic countries and automate the delivery of new 5G digital services on centralized technology platforms using Business and Operations Support Systems from Ericsson



This digital transformation is enabling Telia to improve its marketing and sales functions end-to-end, from core commerce into service orchestration and assurance. It simplifies operational decision-making and harmonizes future product rollouts. It promotes software and configuration reuse for standardization and positive CAPEX benefits as Telia scales and industrializes new 5G services, including network slicing.

“At Telia, we’re at a transition point within our transformation to industrialize our capabilities - transforming how we create, manage and monetize services. We’re pushing boundaries on the innovation front with our NorthStar program enabling open innovation with industry partners. And the only way to be successful is if we force the need to simplify, standardize, and scale. Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance will help us get new, innovative services to market and to revenue quickly, reliably, and easily.”

- Dr. Rainer Deutschmann, SVP and Group Chief Operating Officer, Telia Company

Fuel innovation with service orchestration and assurance | LinkedIn video

View Dr. Rainer Deutschmann, SVP and Group COO, Telia Company, on our LinkedIn show “Fuel innovation with service orchestration and assurance”. You can find Rainer in conversation with Ericsson’s Mats Karlsson, VP and Head of Solution Area Business and Operations Support Systems, at 6:50 into the video.

The challenge

Telia embarked upon an ambitious mission to transform its Business and Operations Support Systems to support a new digital service ecosystem designed to deliver optimal service quality.

Telia’s legacy IT systems needed to evolve to deliver its next generation 5G digital services.

The transformation goal is to unify six different countries’ operations, standardizing, and harmonizing processes and products on centralized technology platforms.


The solution

With Ericsson, Telia implemented Business and Operations Support Systems (core commerce, orchestration). Together, this drives an end-to-end architecture capable of flawless service delivery, establishing a centralized catalog as a ‘single point of truth’ for product, service and resource definitions and enabling zero touch automation across order to activation.

With automated and cloud-based orchestration, this target architecture, spanning six countries, sets a new standard for tasks like product ordering, fulfilment, and core commerce management.

The transformation also aligns with TM Forum’s industry standards, including Open Design Architecture (ODA), Open APIs, process framework (eTOM) and information framework (SID).

Read the TM Forum case studies: 

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Core commerce and orchestration | TM Forum aligned | “Cloud first” approach

Target Solution Architecture

Source: Telia’s OSS/BSS evolution toward 5G digital service delivery | TM Forum - Inform

The impact

This transformation is ongoing, its central tenets are:

  • Rapid delivery of personalized digital services to Telia’s customer base:
    • 18.3 million mobile subscribers,
    • 1 million fixed voice customers,
    • 2.9 million broadband users, and
    • 3.4 million TV customers.
  • Centralized catalog enabling faster activation, and a better overall customer experience
  • Zero touch automation from order to activation
  • Full-service assurance using data-driven operations
  • Simplified operational decision-making for the group
  • Centralized technology platforms with simplified interoperability enabling more responsive product roll-outs and delivery
This transformation impact

“When we talk about zero-touch automation… there is a touch related to cost. But it's also a lot about improving our ways of working and being able really to embrace 5G …. Without automation, it would be close to impossible to, manually, be able to address these type of use cases”

– Ida La Spisa, Telia CIO

“Here, the ambition is that—based on the product specifications in this Catalog Manager, for example—we will be able to reuse 80% going across to the next opco, or the next country”

– Brian Schultz, Senior Director, Core Commerce Management, Telia IT

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