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Insight: Let’s talk 5G and monetization

Watch Ericsson executives talking about BSS and 5G monetization challenges and opportunities with tech journalists, at events, and in webinars

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Enhancing customer experience

Adopting a pragmatic approach to enterprise-wide production and network automation | Telia

Telia Head of Products and Production Services, Ida La Spisa, discusses Telia’s major digital transformation and IT activities to enhance the customer experience, as well as Telia’s partnership with Ericsson.

To explore more, read this Omdia report that examines the challenges of transforming the customer experience to support 5G value creation. Read what capabilities CSP support systems need to deliver a truly seamless customer experience and help enterprises fulfill their ambitions.

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Improving customer experience with predictive and pre-emptive AI and ML

Ericsson’s Rick Mallon, Head of Product Line BSS, Customer and Partner Engagement, discusses humanizing the customer experience with TM Forum’s Aaron Boasman-Patel, VP of AI and Customer Experience.

  • How can service providers create new products faster with the use of AI?
  • Which AIs are best suited to a guided selling experience?
  • Why is the master product catalog so important to service providers?

How can you “super power” your network with intelligent network operations and interactions? 

Consumer behavior is changing fast, and network management needs to adapt as the new 5G landscape emerges.

See how this service provider is using our business support systems' intelligent recommendations to identify the perfect target audience, based on established usage habits, for the launch of a bundled 5G AR headset subscription and game, Power Pack AR.

Monetizing 5G enterprise opportunities

Monetizing 5G: The opportunity, the challenge and the critical role of BSS

Mats Karlsson, VP and Head of Solution Area BSS, Ericsson, discusses the 5G market opportunity, service provider focus on the evolution of BSS to the cloud, and how Ericsson and AWS are working together to capture the benefits of 5G.

Ericsson Digital BSS: Making 5G monetization a success for Ooredoo Kuwait

Ooredoo Kuwait executives discuss consolidation of the legacy charging environment - moving to online charging, increased digital engagement and seamless customer experiences across channels.

Moving beyond connectivity, growing Singapore’s digital economy with 5G | Singtel

Mark Chong, Singtel Group CTO, shares his insights with Ericsson’s Gordon Rawling on Singtel’s view of 5G as a growth driver of Singapore’s digital economy.

  • Challenges and learnings with 5G so far
  • Enterprise trials
  • Testing consumer services
  • Transformation opportunities

Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform | 5G Healthcare

5G enables entirely new services, experiences and business models across industries. But what does this really mean? 5G underpins dynamic and highly configurable network services that enable new business models, thus new ways of charging for services are needed. For example, in the healthcare sector, digital transformation is transforming the patient experience.

See what digitally transformed 5G healthcare could look like in this video and see how te digital future with an agile BSS in the 2021 will look like in the TM Forum report.

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Maximizing the journey to cloud

Supporting CSPs on their journey to cloud BSS | Ericsson and AWS

Why do CSPs need to embark on the BSS cloud journey and what else should they consider? Watch Ericsson’s Mats Karlsson, VP & Head of Solution Area BSS, discuss the importance of cloud and the different strategies service providers can consider with Amir Rao, General Manager Solution Portfolio and Tech Alliances, Telecom IBU, AWS or read about it in our blog post.


Winning in the 5G consumer market

Airtel India’s real time voice and data charging and policy together with Ericsson Digital BSS caters for 350 million subscribers

Airtel India is using policy and charging as the overall tool for network functions in the BSS landscape. Its solution consolidates real-time charging and policy across 23 markets with support for geo-redundancy.

5G in the consumer market

Mats Karlsson, Ericsson VP and Head of Solution Area BSS, discusses the outlook and challenges for 5G in the consumer market with TM Forum Chief Analyst Mark Newman.

  • What innovative services and pricing paradigms are expected from CSPs?
  • What kind of role will partnerships and new ecosystems play?
  • What kinds of services can consumers expect in the future?
  • Are operator support systems well prepared to enable these new services?

To dive deeper, download our ebrief exploring three 5G consumer use cases. 

Improving invoice anomaly detection with AI and machine learning

Telecom invoices are among the most complex invoices generated by any industry. Most service providers have a mix of manual and/or automated processes to detect invoice anomalies. Ericsson BSS expert Rohit Singhal shares his insights with Ray LeMaistre, Editorial Director, Telecom TV, about why AI and machine learning are well suited to assist the humans tasked with anomaly detection.Want to know more? Download the ebrief.

Optimizing billing with Ericsson Digital BSS | Digitel

Digitel executives discuss how Ericsson and Digitel teams worked closely together to transform a legacy billing system, taking the billing process from two weeks to immediate. To learn more about Capturing 5G monetization opportunities with 5G charging, download our eBrief.

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BSS Transformation | Vivo

Vivo Brazil Andre Kriger, speaking as CIO, provides an overview of Vivo and its massive BSS transformation, outlining why Vivo selected Ericsson and the key goals it has already met, including zero downtime upgrades.

Read more about how communications service providers are getting creative with 5G business models in our eBrief. 

Pre-paid transformation | Telstra

Telstra successfully transformed its Pre-Paid Mobile offering using Ericsson Digital BSS in a customer-centric front-end digital transformation.

Prepaid Transformation for better customer connections | Telstra

Telstra transformed its prepaid mobile offer, simplifying customer experience, adapting to new ways of working and taking cost out of the business with a full stack approach using Ericsson Digital BSS.

What does 5G consumer monetization look like?

What does 5G monetization look like?

Creating offers and bundles

Managing the explosion of services

Reflections on the pandemic

Helping the ecosystem to evolve

Reflections on the state of industry

Telecom BSS

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