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Far EasTone, Taiwan: A BSS digital transformation

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As part of its digital transformation journey, Far EasTone (FET) made a key decision to reposition its enterprise strategy.  Understanding that both FET and its enterprise customers would need an agile platform to offer customized services in near real time, FET and Ericsson built a superior digital transformation reference case to show enterprise customers.

Eton Shu, FET Executive Vice President, Information Technology Division, discusses how Far EasTone teamed with Ericsson to make significant changes to its IT systems to prepare for 5G and IoT.

The Challenge

While one-way voice services are a straightforward operation, processes become much more complex with today’s data services. As a result, FET needed to rework its enterprise strategy to ensure that an agile platform was in place to offer customized services in near real time.  

With over seven million domestic users, and to address the new market opportunities of IoT and 5G, FET set out to build superior digital front-end experiences for customers as well to automate marketing and sales processes in the back-end, with an end goal of more intimate, personalized customer experiences.

The Solution

Implementing this kind of IT transformation was no small challenge, particularly in a region where over two-thirds of CSPs (communication service providers) are only in the planning stages. FET knew it needed to secure a partner with both the right technology and industry know-how to help guide it through the process.

Building on Ericsson Catalog Manager and Ericsson Order Care, FET implemented a convergent order hub to manage its 7 million plus users with smooth and stable performance and no interruptions from software updates.

The Benefits

This IT transformation has given FET a great foundation to step into the IoT and 5G enterprise arenas. FET now has a competitive advantage over competition -- its own experience is a great reference example of its capability.  Additionally, its platform can create superior digital front-end customer experiences while also optimizing marketing and sales processes automation in the back-end.  Specific benefits include:

  • A savings of three million minutes of employee time per month
  • A reduction in overall business operation rules to 6.4K from 1.6 million, resulting in a simplified back end management for product lifecycle (design/testing/launch)
  • Seventy percent of new plans can now be launched in one day, or even 2-4 hours, greatly enhancing competitiveness and market agility
  • FET store service reps may retrieve full customer history within three seconds in any location, enabling faster and better customer support. 
  • A modular and visualized interface increases product design flexibility for FET and for its enterprise customers (where enterprise customers will be equipped with digital marketing tools and launch time to market new services much easier)
“FET and Ericsson have built one of the best digital transformation reference cases in the industry, which we can now offer to our enterprise customers.” - Eton Shu, FET Executive Vice President, Information Technology Division
FET building

Far EasTone profile

Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) is a leading company in Taiwan which provides telecommunications and digital application services. FET has continued to introduce new products and services utilizing access technologies, including 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi. Far EasTone was the first telecom operator in Taiwan to start operating 4.5G/LTE on 2,600MHz band in 2016. Furthermore, FET worked with Ericsson to establish the first 5G Lab in Taiwan. In 2019, "For Every Thought, We Go Further" is the new brand statement; through providing excellent customer experience, innovative application services and enhancing the ICT industry’s vertical integration, enterprise cloud services, FET will strive to reduce the gap between people and new technology and become the most preferred digital living partner for consumers. For more information please visit 


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