Data Driven Operations

Fuelled by AI and automation, data-driven operations enable the shift from reactive to proactive IT and Network management.

The Ericsson Operations Engine efficiently manages everything from individual IT and Network elements to large-scale data centers to provide superior connectivity.

See the future and then change it

Powered by advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, the Ericsson Operations Engine forecasts the potential for network issues caused by hardware, software, or weather disturbances. Every day, it automates nearly 1 million network commands and processes alarms to prevent network issues from becoming user problems.

Do what matters, rather than doing everything

The Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI and automation to prioritize functions directly impacting business outcomes, reducing churn and improving customer experience.

AI-driven anomaly detection in IT operations

The Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI and automation to detect anomalies and clustering to reduce alarm noise in IT operations. It analyzes IT operations data, looking for patterns and inconsistencies to identify, monitor, and resolve issues.

Predict energy consumption

The Ericsson Operations Engine runs energy management as a service, leveraging predictive and proactive solutions to reduce site visits, manage power load and grid efficiency, and prevent theft. The solution enables a more predictable OPEX and reduces total cost of ownership.

Our range of products
Business Service Management

The day-to-day responsibility of operating and managing your business processes and IT applications.

Customer Experience

Using insights and experience to develop an innovative service solution.

Network Operations

Takes full responsibility for your day-to-day network operations, assuring the network performance.

Data Center and IT Infrastructure Services

The services are designed for any data center and IT infrastructure environment, including cloud.

Application Operations

Offers both application and operational expertise to BSS/OSS manage customers’ applications.

Managed SDN and NFV Operations

Software Defined Networks and Network Functions Virtualization provide scalability, and reduce cost.