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Data and Analytics


Our product portfolio is driving insights to business outcomes through customer-centric network analytics focusing on service quality, supported with market leading batch, online and stream mediation for all data processing needs.

The products in this portfolio provide real-time, multivendor data processing, analytics and AI/ML based applications powered by a data-driven architecture.


Unlock data monetization

Modern streaming interfaces for data-driven business decisions.

Improve network quality

Enable quality of service for individual customers.

Drive insights to business outcomes

Actionable insights that drive experience.

Unlock the value of data

Data insights that drive better business outcomes come from a multitude of sources within the network and IT systems, in addition to external sources such as partner applications. Provide real time insights that matter to business decision makers and downstream applications, at scale and with speed.

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Included portfolio
Expert Analytics

Improve customer experience and drive revenue with a multivendor cross-domain telecom analytics solution


Improve customer experience with data mediation that ensures correct data is collected from the network.

Telco IT AI Apps

Drive operational excellence and business growth with AI-driven customer, service & operations insights.