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Network Optimization


5G multiplies the complexity to evolve and expand a network to meet demands from consumers and emerging enterprise opportunities, putting increased pressure on securing optimal performance and user experience.

While offering an excellent user experience is more important than ever, high-performing networks are more difficult to optimize, and performance gains can be harder to achieve. To reach their objectives and stay ahead of the competition, Service Providers need to transform the approach to optimization to maximize both network utilization and user experience.

Ericsson's Network Optimization services help customers to get the most out of their network investment, with the focus on network performance and user experience.

With our optimization solutions, network engineering is transformed from reactive and labor-intensive to proactive, automated and...


Maximize return on investment

Sweat network assets to the full potential.

Performance Matters

Performance drives user loyalty and reduces churn

Operational excellence

Transform to cope with growing complexity

Cognitive technology

Cognitive software provides a unique blend of network optimization knowledge with advanced AI technologies, designed to truly unleash the full potential of next-generation networks.

Visit Ericsson Cognitive technology page