Welcome to Ericsson Purchase to Pay support page. This page will guide you through the support tools you have available for the purchase to pay flow.

Invoice requirements

Guidelines and country requirements

Ericsson executes payments based only on valid original invoices. To ensure timely payment, it is necessary that the invoices we receive are compliant with the mandatory legal and company requirements. Non-compliant invoices will be rejected and you will be required to correct and re-issue the invoices before being accepted for processing.

Please choose the country for the Ericsson business to which you are sending the invoice. To view the country specific requirements, please click here.
Note that all the countries are grouped in alphabetical order, you have to click on the + sign to expand the list.

Also, in order to reduce delays that could affect the invoice payment process, it’s critical that all invoices we receive comply with our guidelines: see Guidelines for Invoicing Ericsson and How to use Purchase Order when Invoicing. You can also view our Training for Suppliers.

Ericsson will reject invoices that do not meet legal and/or Ericsson invoice requirements.

Electronic invoicing methods

Ericsson’s standard process for receiving supplier invoices includes the following electronic methods:

  • EDI – direct integration between Ericsson and the supplier
  • ERS self-billing – creation of supplier invoices based on posting of a goods receipt
  • Invoice and Procurement Collaboration Portal
  • Data file upload – upload of supplier invoices onto Ericsson’s ERP

The requirements for electronic invoicing vary according to region and country.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding the purchase to pay process, please contact Purchase to Pay Services Support.