A story about a company is also the story about all the people that have worked there. Meet Ericsson’s founder and the managing directors; meet the industry leaders and employees. You will also get to know some of the innovative engineers and some real adventurers.

Nils Palmgren's vision

When the young telecom engineer Nils Palmgren was taking a walk one evening in the early 1910s, he suddenly had a vision of how ten incoming telephone lines in a telephone exchange could be placed in contact with 100 outgoing lines. 

Arvid Lindman and Swedish telephony

Arvid Lindman was an industrial leader and a prominent conservative politician in the early 1900s. The story of his life has several links with Swedish telephony.

The telephone king of Stockholm

Entrepreneur, Henrik Thore Cedergren came to be known as the telephone king as a result of his monumental efforts and success in establishing Stockholm as the world's leading telephone city in 1885.

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