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CTO Focus Session​s

CTO Focus Sessions

Listen to thought leaders across industries as they share their experiences and expectations of 5G.

Technology thought leadership

Join the fast lane with the CTO Focus Sessions hosted by Erik Ekudden, Ericsson’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), discussing the transformative power of 5G with key industry players.

How to build the best performing Network

Join Erik Ekudden and Stephen Chau, CTO at SmarTone, as they delve into the potential of 5G as the optimal high-performance network for delivering mobile services to customers in Hong Kong. Their discussion encompasses the advantages of 5G-enabled Fixed Wireless Access, the flexibility 5G brings to small and medium enterprise use cases, and the utilization of network data to elevate the customer experience. Mr Chau also shares insights into how SmarTone has surmounted challenges in hard-to-reach areas and densely populated regions by providing extensive coverage, reinforcing their reputation for exceptional network performance in Hong Kong. In addition Mr Chau also shared their experience in how to enhance user experience by applying AI in network operation and maintenance. The conversation concludes with an exploration of 5G as an innovation platform, featuring ongoing trials that demonstrate its capacity to deliver Quality of Service On Demand, catering to the diverse needs of user groups, like gamers.

Erik Ekudden - CTO, Ericsson and Stephen Chau, CTO at SmarTone

From the best to the smartest network

Join Erik Ekudden and Dr. Gerd Niehage, CTIO at Swisscom, as they delve into Swisscom's strategy. Swisscom is transitioning from having the best network to establishing the smartest network, recognizing that being the best is no longer enough. Swisscom is working towards creating The Smartest Network in partnership with Ericsson. As the company looks ahead, new priorities are emerging, including a focus on providing the best customer experience, promoting sustainability, achieving operational excellence, and driving innovation.

Erik Ekudden CTO Ericsson and Dr Gerd Niehage, CTIO Swisscom

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Enterprise digital transformation powered by 5G and AI

In this session Erik Ekudden and Juergen Mueller CTO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP discuss how enterprises across all sectors are undergoing a digital transformation and the role that 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play as key enablers in the digitalization. They emphasize the importance of real-time data collection and processing for organizations aspiring to become data-driven enterprises. This highlights the increasing demand for high-performance 5G connectivity and 5G capabilities exposed through open network APIs (Application Programming Interface) to developers. Another focal point of their discussion revolves around how AI and Machine Learning plays a crucial role in automating processes, enhancing customer experiences, optimizing operations and making data-driven decisions. Erik and Juergen highlight that partnerships are essential to unlock new digital business opportunities and together we are committed to support enterprises in their digital transformation journey.


Focus Insights - Talking with Vinod Lala, Chief Strategy Officer, Vonage

Vinod Lala and Erik Ekudden elaborates further on the topic enterprise digitalization.

Vinod shares his insights on how 5G APIs and AI will support enterprises by enabling new interesting applications and use cases.


The future of gaming anywhere is 5G

In this session Ericsson’s CTO Erik Ekudden and Olivier Avaro, CEO of Blacknut discuss the future of mobile cloud gaming. To enhance application innovation the evolution of network developer interfaces through exposed and easy-to-use network functions are vital. Cloud gaming is a perfect case to demonstrate the potential of open network APIs, but is also relevant for other areas like productivity, communication, collaboration, and enhanced video. The APIs should be the same across different operators so they are simple to use for the developers and can be used at scale and not in limited geographies. They also need to be simple in terms of business model, and predictable from a costing perspective. This is where companies like Vonage (part of Ericsson) can truly support the ecosystem.

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A new age of innovation: 5G and APIs

In this session Ericsson’s CTO Erik Ekudden and Vinod Lala Chief Strategy Officer at Vonage discusses the expanding Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market and their joint journey in this globally. New use cases offer business opportunities that will enhance consumer and enterprise experiences through innovative services. This means good news for operators to be able to monetize already invested network capabilities through service exposure (API´s) and for developers to expand their toolkit for innovation with more scale and reach.

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5G for Sustainable Transportation

In this session, Erik Ekudden is joined by Christian Levin, President and CEO at Scania Group where they discuss sustainable transportation and their joint commitment on combating climate change with new technology. The criticality of connectivity for Scania’s industry, electrification and digitalization are also explored. The need for collaboration across transport, energy and telecommunications has never been greater.

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Driving innovation with powerful silicon

In this session Erik Ekudden is joined by Lip-Bu Tan, Executive Chairman of Cadence Design Systems and Chairman of Walden International.

The conversation is focusing on the cutting-edge innovation area - purpose-built hardware. Custom-made optimized silicon is increasingly gaining momentum to provides significant competitive differentiation versus general purpose options and is a key component in meeting the requirements of high-performing, resilient and sustainable 5G systems.

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Edge creates massive opportunities for telecom operators

Join Erik Ekudden and Randeep Sekhon, CTO of Bharti Airtel, as they discuss concrete use cases to start capturing edge opportunities, by looking at exposure of network capabilities to the broader ecosystem in one of the world’s largest markets.

The next generation network is a true game changer

Listen to NVIDIA, where SVP Telecom Ronnie Vasishta takes part in a session on how industries are set to benefit and how offloading device intelligence to the network will enable completely new immersive user experiences.

The use cases of the future are all about collaboration

Next, engage in the discussion between Bikash Koley, VP of Global Networking at Google Cloud, and Erik Ekudden, where they not only break down why 5G has made mobile networks the platform for innovation, but also how cloud providers can help communications service providers capture the enterprise opportunity.

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