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External Resource Management (XRM)

Invoicing and payments

The sourcing process

Conditions and guidelines

Invoice and procurement collaboration portal

Supply network collaboration

Sourcing contract lifecycle management


Ericsson Buyer support

Supplier and partner resources

Welcome to our online resources for approved suppliers and partners. We recognize the value that comes from working closely with our suppliers, and are constantly developing ways of working that will simplify and make the cooperation more efficient, both for us and for our suppliers.

Online tools

In order to streamline co-operation with our approved suppliers and partners, we offer the following online services:

Ericsson Buyer
For Authorized Service Providers: Login to Ericsson Buyer, access online training, and access our support documents.

If you have been invited to take part in one of our E-sourcing events, you can log on here and also get access to our technical support teams.

Sourcing Contract Lifecycle Management (SCLM)
Only valid for suppliers that are on boarded will be able to access the tool.

Supply Network Collaboration (SNC)
SNC is a web based application used to collaborate with our direct material suppliers. It supports both Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), as well as traditional Purchase Order (PO) together with Invoice handling. Portal is available 24/7 and is free of charge.

Invoice and Procurement Collaboration Portal (IPCP)
Ericsson IPC portal allows suppliers to have full visibility of the invoices and PO status via the self service capabilities 24/7 and e-invoicing capabilities, free of charge. The portal is supplied by Taulia.

XRM tool - SAP Fieldglass
Only suppliers that have been onboarded will have access to the tool.

Conditions and guidelines

Documents outlining our general purchasing, software licensing, service conditions, and links to export and customs information can be found here.

The sourcing process

Our qualification process ensures that our approved suppliers are connected to the right opportunities within our portfolio.

Invoicing and payments

We use several standardized electronic invoicing methods and country-specific advice on transactions. We also offer guidelines on paper invoices, and purchase orders.