Ericsson Studio Unboxed - Stockholm

Ericsson Studio Unboxed at HQ in Stockholm

Ericsson Studio Unboxed at HQ in Stockholm is the place for meetings and events - external and internal. We offer a high-quality setting to engage with your visitors - regardless if the purpose of the visit is an executive briefing, a technical discussion or an immersive workshop.

In the Studio Unboxed we offer visit management, facilitation and a demo area where we show our products, services, solutions and future vision through innovative use cases. Visitors will experience an insight into Ericsson's business offerings and see how information and communication technology can be utilized in different sectors of society.

Studio Unboxed is a new facility - opened in October 2019 - with 10 meeting rooms for 6-24 people and an auditorium for up to 70 people, in total we have over 2,500 sqm of meeting and event space. The first Ericsson Studio was opened in 2010 and has had more than 200,000 visitors to date. We welcome approximately 20,000 people a year.


Below are our assets to develop a meaningful and customized agenda with appropriate presenters and experts.

Meeting rooms in the Studio

Ericsson Studio Kista Stockholm meeting room


Ericsson Studio Kista Stockholm meeting room

Several meeting rooms in the studio plus additional big rooms next to the Studio.

Project managers, experts and partners

To make the most of the visit we have Project Managers who will drive the visit project and make sure the agenda is tailormade for the meeting in our Experience Center. We have a great network of experts and partners who are willing to share their knowledge or take part in discussion.


Take a demo tour around the Ericsson Studio and get a taste of the latest technology and future vision.

How to find us

Ericsson Studio Unboxed, Torshamnssgatan 21,
Kista, Stockholm, Sweden

To request a visit, please contact your local sales representative or see Contact page

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