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Quality work

Customer first

We build trust by showing that we listen, that we meet customer needs, and that we deliver what we promise.

We act with speed and strive to build our relations on mutual understanding.
We engage with our customers with a deep understanding of where they are headed and actively support them on their transformation journey.

We measure our performance and drive continued improvement in every dimension of our business through understanding customer satisfaction as well as their current and future needs.

Ericsson Group Management System

We have a Global Management System (EGMS) which describes our way to run and control our operations. It contains records proving the adherence to defined ways of working. EGMS covers all our operations and units over the world. Its consistency and global reach builds trust in the way we work. EGMS is:

  • A complete management system with all its content. Each organization within Ericsson contributes to EGMS content.
  • A framework consisting of rules and requirements to ensure compliance with decided standards and a structure defining compulsory information that must be available.
  • A method used for integrating new requirements into the already existing system and framework.

Our Ericsson Group Management System is globally certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001.