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Code of Business Ethics

The Ericsson Code of Business Ethics is our tool to be a trusted partner, to conduct business responsibly and to remind us that every action counts.
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Our aim is to act with responsibility, accountability and transparency as we help to build the Networked Society.

As a Swedish company in existence for 140 years, with a global presence, we understand the importance of doing business sustainably and creating the long-term value and trust that are critical to ongoing business success.

Good governance is fundamental to conducting business responsibly across our operations. Our Ericsson Code of Business Ethics sets the tone for how we conduct business globally.

The Ericsson Code of Business Ethics is an overview of our fundamental Group policies and directives, guiding Ericsson's relationships among employees and with external stakeholders.

The Ericsson Code of Business Ethics contains rules for all individuals performing work for Ericsson, under the staff management of Ericsson, whether as an employee of Ericsson or of a subcontractor, or as a private contractor.

The Ericsson Code of Business Ethics is periodically reviewed and acknowledged by all employees and it is translated into more than 30 languages ensuring that it is accessible to all employees.

Action against child sexual abuse

As one of many measures to make sure the Code is followed, Ericsson is taking action against Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) by implementing a detection tool which identifies images verified by law enforcement authorities as CSA images that are stored on and/or accessed by PCs used by Ericsson employees or consultants.

In all cases where the detection tool finds CSA images associated with Ericsson's IT resources or personnel, Ericsson will in each case comply with local rules and regulations to handle the breach of the Code.