Shareholder meetings

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The decision-making rights of Ericsson’s shareholders are exercised at General Meetings of shareholders.

Decision-making at General Meetings

Most shareholder resolutions at General Meetings are passed by a simple majority. However, the Swedish Companies Act requires qualified majorities in certain cases, for example in case of:

  • Amendment of the Articles of Association
  • Resolution to transfer treasury stock to employees participating in long-term variable remuneration programs

The Annual General Meeting of shareholders

The Annual General Meeting of shareholders (AGM) is held in Stockholm. The date and venue for the meeting is announced on the Ericsson website no later than at the time of release of the third-quarter interim financial report.

Information regarding AGM 2020

Shareholders who cannot participate in person may be represented by proxy. Only shareholders registered in the share register have voting rights. Nominee-registered shareholders who wish to vote must request to be entered into the share register by the record date for the AGM.

The AGM is held in Swedish and is simultaneously interpreted into English. All documentation provided by the Company is available in both Swedish and English.

The AGM gives shareholders the opportunity to raise questions relating to the operations of the Group. Normally, members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Team are present to answer such questions. The external auditor is always present at the AGM.

Contact the Board of Directors

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