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Spurring innovation and collaboration

Spurring innovation and collaboration

Our view on a shared vision

Ericsson’s industry vision addresses business and consumer needs, technology enablers, and viable business solutions to spur innovation, collaboration, competition and investments.

Ericsson’s industry vision is one of a stronger, more vibrant, and more innovative business landscape, looking at where we see the industry going in the next 5-10 years and how Ericsson can support and shape it. Our vision addresses business and consumer needs, technology enablers, and viable business solutions to spur innovation, collaboration, competition and investments. At the same time, we envision a world where business and technology improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future.

"When we started to talk about network APIs a few years ago, most of the industry didn’t know what we were talking about. Now APIs are front and center in most industry discussions."

Börje Ekholm,
President & CEO of Ericsson

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Building for a digital future

The acceleration of major trends like digitalization, electrification, sustainability, supply chain resilience, and automation is fast developing. Society and businesses will capitalize on the mobile, AI and cloud technology evolution to produce digital and easy-to-use tailored services, immersive experiences, and more sustainable solutions.

The integration of connectivity, security, and network management will pave the way for virtual private 5G enterprises, facilitating reliable and cost-efficient wireless networks that securely interconnect people, places, and devices within and beyond their premises. As we harness the potential of high-performance mobile networks, we anticipate a transformative shift towards widespread adoption of mobile multi-user extended reality (XR) experiences with lightweight glasses. This evolution has the potential to become the next paradigm shift following the smartphone, promising to profoundly impact our society.

Applications that we use now and that are being built for the future, whether for consumers, enterprises, or developers, all have different needs. This can be anything from low resource functions like SMS, to more demanding applications like video streaming. These needs aren’t simply resource based either – think, for example, of the reliability in the network that government services need, and the coverage and advanced positioning required for 3D mapping.

These applications require a mobile network which is both high-performance and differentiated for different needs at different times.

Immersive technologies

The physical and digital worlds are now bridged, starting with augmented and virtual reality.

Ericsson Mobility Report - Business Review

As 5G deployments continue at pace worldwide, discover what’s next for the telecom industry as we explore the latest business insights and opportunities in our articles.

5G innovation digitalization

Why 5G's innovation potential will lift digitalization to the next level | World Economic Forum (

High performance, differentiated networks

As digitalization continues forward, it becomes evident that conventional "best effort" falls short of the requirements for the next phase for many applications.

We are committed to maximizing the potential of high-performance networks , offering faster speeds, reduced latency, and improved quality of service to meet the growing needs of industry and society. Differentiated connectivity is the cornerstone of our industry vision, allowing the mobile industry to deliver the right level of network performance at the right cost and price. Performance-based business models allow communication service providers (CSPs) to find a sweet spot for meeting customer needs by delivering the right level of network performance at the right cost and price.

By introducing performance-based business models, we aim to fuel investment and spur innovation, making performance a crucial differentiator in future networks.

Value of differentiated 5G connectivity

Take the first step towards performance-based business models with 5G SA.

Network Slicing

Network Slicing brings network differentiation to life.


Advancing networks: the evolution of 5G to 6G.

Accessing new capabilities

Our leadership in developing high-performance networks uniquely positions us to build programmable, resilient, secure, and cost-efficient networks with global scale, open architecture, and network APIs. These APIs enable application developers to access specific network resources, fostering exponential innovation and creating new opportunities for monetizing network investments. Our collaboration with leading CSPs is driving the development of new business models and attracting more partners to join this transformative journey.

We’ve already reached a milestone in the network API journey, together with Deutsche Telekom. Powered by the Global Network Platform, Deutsche Telekom can now offer a globally scalable, one-stop shop for communication APIs such as voice, SMS, two-factor authentication and enhanced security as well as network APIs, location, device status and quality on demand.

Developing network APIs

Exploring how developers are critical to unlocking the potential of network APIs.

Deutsche Telekom

Ericsson executes on strategy to build platform business with strategic partnership to provide access to network APIs.


Partnering with forward-thinking organizations to boost performance with advanced connectivity.

Ericsson’s role in shaping the future

At the core of our company vision lies the belief that technology and innovation can be a force for positive change. We are committed to improving lives by empowering limitless connectivity. Our vision extends to reshaping businesses, enabling enterprises to become agile and responsive to new opportunities and changing customer preferences. Moreover, we recognize the potential of technology to address critical global challenges, including the climate crisis, and are dedicated to leveraging improved mobile connectivity to create a more sustainable world.

Explore the trends and forcing shaping our world, and how powerful networks are the platform to a connected future, here on Ericsson Perspectives.

Network Platform

Building a network platform for next-level enterprise digitalization.

Network Evolution

By 2030, limitless connectivity will be anywhere—and the global mobile network will be the critical infrastructure of the digital society.

The network API journey

Understand how Ericsson’s Global Network Platform comes into play in our industry vision.