Remuneration overview

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Remuneration at Ericsson is based on the principles of performance, competitiveness and fairness.

Our remuneration policy, together with the mix of several remuneration elements, is designed to reflect these remuneration principles in a balanced way by creating an integral remuneration package.

Generally, total remuneration consists of:

  • fixed salary
  • short-term variable remuneration
  • long-term variable remuneration
  • pension
  • other benefits

Reporting on remuneration

Details of how we deliver on our principles and policy, including information on previously decided long term variable remuneration that has not yet become due for payment, can be found in the Remuneration Report and in Note G2, "Information regarding members of the Board of Directors and Group management" in the annual report 2019.

Guidelines for remuneration to Group management

The Annual General Meeting of shareholders held on March 31, 2020, approved the Board of Directors’ proposal for Guidelines for remuneration to Group management.

The results of the Board of Directors’ evaluation of remuneration of senior management are included in the Remuneration Report.

Share based programs

Share-based plans are submitted each year for approval by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. Details of currently outstanding share based programs can be found in Note G3 and in the Remuneration Report.