Sourcing excellence

Today, we hold a leading position in mobile infrastructure solutions, OSS and BSS and TV and media delivery. Globally, we manage networks that service nearly 1 billion subscribers and 40 percent of mobile traffic is carried by one of our networks. ​​
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Setting the standard

As we work toward our corporate vision of the networked society the range of industries we can address with new solutions and services is increasing. This requires an agile and flexible sourcing capability that can evolve to meet new challenges, whilst at the same time ensuring the highest quality and integrity of the supply chain. It also requires the ability to engage with strategic partners that can complement and add value to our portfolio.​

Strategic sourcing

The ambition is for Ericsson Sourcing to become a World Class Sourcing organization. To help achieve this position, three building blocks of strategic sourcing are constantly being developed: category management, supplier relationship management, and demand management.

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Benchmark ambition

At Ericsson Sourcing, our ambition is to be a World Class Sourcing organization. We will achieve this by constantly evolving to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. As a front-line commercial function, Ericsson Sourcing will deliver superior supplier value and create partnerships that result in a competitive advantage for the Company. 


Our capabilities

We are constantly developing our relationship with suppliers and working towards category excellence continually adds value to our offering.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct is a prerequisite for doing business with Ericsson. Read our Supplier Code of Conduct to learn more.