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Sustainability report 2018

Sustainability and CR Report 2018

This report summarizes information regarding the development, performance, position and impact of the Ericsson Group sustainability and corporate responsibility (SCR) related activities such as human rights, anti-corruption, occupational health and safety, climate action and energy performance. The purpose of our report is to inform interested parties about our progress in line with our ambition to create positive impacts for our stakeholders, our business and society while mitigating sustainability and corporate responsiblity risks.

2018 Report overview

Responsible business

Ericsson drives a proactive agenda that extends beyond legal compliance, and has strong programs in areas such as human rights, anti-corruption, occupational health and safety and responsible sourcing. We work continuously to improve and strengthen our business policies, with a focus on building and maintaining trust, transparency, and integrity.

Climate action, energy and environment

The circular economy encapsulates Ericsson’s approach to environmental sustainability. This includes the environmental impacts of the Company and its products and services, as well as the use of Information and Communication Technology solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of other sectors. We are committed to working together with other companies, governments, and international organizations to combat climate change.

Internet for All

Ericsson is committed to deploying solutions and advocates to improve mobile broadband affordability and accessibility to all. Deployment of mobile broadband networks supports economic development and enables the delivery of digital services to meet societal needs, including education, health and humanitarian response.

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Over 25 years of sustainability leadership

Twenty-six years have passed since Ericsson published its first environmental report in 1993 in conjunction with the first Earth Summit in Rio making the Company one of the early adopters of sustainability commitments and reporting. Over time, Ericsson’s longstanding commitment to being a responsible and relevant driver of positive change has remained both proactive and progressive.

25 years of sustainability reporting

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