Ericsson Cloud Unified Data Management and Policy

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Evolve your subscription data management, policy control and network exposure solutions in 3G, 4G and 5G networks, making them more and more efficient and dynamically programmable to address new opportunities for service differentiation, network automation and assets monetization.The Ericsson Cloud Unified Data Management (UDM) and Policy portfolio offer solutions for Subscriber Data Management (SDM), Policy Management and Network Exposure towards telecommunication's operators and towards other segments as enterprises and verticals. Our offerings includes advanced solutions to support the evolution towards a 5G, built on cloud native design principles.The Cloud UDM and Policy solutions are structured in four areas:

  • Data management: to consolidate data from different network functions into a unified data storage.
  • Subscription & Identity management: to authenticate and authorize different types of devices to access connectivity services across different network domains.
  • Policy control: to enforce customer experience and network behaviors.
  • Network exposure: to expose network and subscription data as well as insights taken from them.
The combination of these four areas enables operators to optimize the customer's experience and the network resource’s utilization, enhancing their service offerings towards consumers and industry in the evolution to 5G.


The Cloud UDM and Policy solutions are:

  • Designed to optimize 3G/4G network performances, providing the flexibility, reliability, scalability and agility expected by our customers to meet their communication and data services needs.
  • Based on the Continuous Development and Delivery concept (aka. CI/CD) that simplifies the SW deployment process and evolve UDM and Policy SW releases more frequently, in a faster and more cost-efficient way.
  • Fully virtualized and ready to run in multivendor Cloud deployment environments, supporting key workflows to automate processes. New 5G Network Functions are all Cloud Native, offering a further step in terms of Cloud automation and efficiency.
  • Ready to address industrial needs like Massive IoT and 5G, supporting innovative solutions for Network Slicing and traffic optimization to enable Operators to really expand in IoT and evolve to 5G.
  • Offered together with our outstanding Systems Integration services portfolio, built on our vast experience and global presence deploying and managing end-to-end and multi-vendor networks. It covers from project planning to project execution and includes our state-of-art Data Migration services.

Enhance your business with our Cloud UDM and Policy solutions

  • Build a network aligned to your deployment needs

Our solutions are available both as Physical Network Function (PNF) and as Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and support flexible combinations of them. The new Network Functions are Cloud Native, embracing a modular approach based on "Microservices" that allows deploying them (or a combination NFs) the way you need, when you need them, as you evolve your network.

  • Deliver new services to the market faster

Our solutions enable you to excel in delivering the latest and best Software capabilities to address the dynamic business needs in the market. This is allowed by a truly integrated DevOps ways-of-working.

  • Simplify operations and increase cost efficiency

Our solutions help you to reduce OPEX with cloud automation and simplified O&M, and to reduce CAPEX with resources optimization driven by data consolidation and network virtualizations.

  • Mitigate your risks

Our vast extensive in deployment and data migration combined with proven delivery methodology and tools assure you a smooth evolution of your network to virtualization, network slicing and 5G. Our UDM and Policy systems have also been proved in a multitude of multi-vendor systems.

  • Safeguard your network

Our high-performance telco-grade solutions, with high availability and a unique protection mechanism against signalling overloads, secure the highest level of service continuity towards your customers.

  • Proven leadership in the markets 

Ericsson is a recognized market leader in Subscriber Data Management (SDM) and Policy Management areas by both market analysts and customers.


Authentication Center

Ericsson Authentication Center provides authentication vectors used in authentication and ciphering processes to the HLR, to ensure confidentiality in the radio channels and prevent unauthorized ...

Centralized User Database

A Telco-grade database to store all users and IoT subscription data, with real-time characteristics, data consistency and high capacity with optimal footprint.

Equipment Identity Register Front End

EIR-FE intro picture_456x228 pixels

The EIR-FE controls the identity of the mobile equipment preventing calls from stolen, unauthorized or defective mobile stations.

Flexible Numbering Register

With FNR, operators can meet regulatory demands as well as own a very flexible handling of subscriptions life cycle, providing solutions that meet the demand of existing and future converging ...

Home Subscriber Server

HSS-SLF intro picture_456x228 pixels

Real-time subscription management for all users subscribing to evolved packet accesses and evolved domains has been made possible with our Home Subscriber Server.

Home Subscriber Server Front End

Subscription management and user authentication to IMS and LTE network domains and a key enabler for critical and massive IoT. Part of the Ericsson UDC solution.

Home Location Register

Ericsson Home Location Register acts as the primary database repository for subscriber information used to provide control and intelligence, and therefore manages mobile subscriber profiles and ...

Home Location Register Front-End

Subscription management and user authentication to GSM/GPRS and WCDMA network domains and a key enabler for critical and massive IoT. Part of the Ericsson UDC solution.


IPWorks is a cloud enabled product offering for the IT-Infrastructure as well as packet core, IMS and Wi-Fi related solutions. IPWorks follows IETF and 3GPP specifications. IPWorks support DNS, ...

User Data Consolidation

Simplifying the complexity of managing subscription data in modern customer-centric telecommunication networks.

User Profile Gateway

Leverage on Users and IoT profile data asset to improve operation efficiency, end-user experience and explore new revenue sources revenue while securing data integrity and confidentiality.

Service-Aware Policy Controller


Ericsson's Service-Aware Policy Controller (SAPC) allow increasing revenue through personalized services while optimizing the utilization of network resources.

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