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Ericsson Consulting is part of the Advise phase of Ericsson Services Portfolio. It helps assess & plan the business, technology, and operational roadmap for CSPs.

The Challenge:
CSPs are grappling with increasingly complex trends such as B2B/B2C monetization, HCP/cloud native transition preparation Open/Cloud RAN migration strategy, and transition to AI/ML Enabled Automation and BSS. Achieving this technology evolution while continually reducing cost and managing rising customer expectations puts increasing pressure on CSPs – and hence the need to ensure that technology strategy meets business needs, and operational changes are executed efficiently. 

How Ericsson Consulting can help CSP’s
Ericsson Consulting helps CSPs address these challenges by engaging in a dialogue at CXO level and creating an actionable business strategy supported by clear operational and technology roadmaps. We address full lifecycle of CSP transformation – from strategy/planning to implementation. 

Ericsson Consulting is focused on following major areas:
- 5G Transformation Strategy Consulting: Strategic services addressing CSP monetization with specific focus on B2B / Enterprise
- Monetization and Orchestration Readiness Consulting: Operational and technological services delineating the path to technology-enabled automation and OSS/BSS transformation
- AI and Analytics Operations Consulting: Data and Analytics related business and operational services to support AI/ML based operations and adoption
- Network Transformation and Efficiency Consulting: Technology (Core, Cloud, Radio, Transport) evolution related strategic services to manage journey to 5G monetization, cloud native and CI/CD adoption
- Business Assurance Consulting – Value realization and Revenue assurance services to ensure implementation & benefits align with business planning

Our range of products
Ericsson 5G Transformation Strategy Consulting

Ericsson 5G Transformation Strategy Consulting

Ericsson Monetization and Orchestration Readiness Consulting

Provides global experience and best practices for digital operations in the B/OSS domains.

Ericsson AI and Analytics Operations Consulting

Enhance a CSP's maturity in their AI/ML journey to enable increased automation and data driven insights.

Ericsson Network Transformation and Efficiency Consulting

Ericsson Cloud Transformation Strategy Consulting

Ericsson Business Assurance Consulting

Ericsson Business Assurance Consulting

Ericsson Cybersecurity Consulting

Global cybercrime costs are predicted to rise by almost 15 percent yearly over the next few years and it may cost...