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Ericsson Training

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Ericsson training to suit your learning style and competence needs

New technology implementations or digital transformations don’t just end with deployment. Building employee competence to maximize the benefits of technologies and processes is crucial. Whether it is a long-term transformation project, deployment of new technologies or a quick network upgrade, operators can only succeed if they have people and processes that are capable and competent to make it happen. Ericsson Learning Services is here to support you in that.

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Microlearnings: your brief learning journeys

Get a compelling glimpse into our topic-specific courses, meet the people behind them, and explore our offerings.

Ericsson Network Slicing

This microlearning explores Network Slicing. Discover the concepts, functionality, and Ericsson Network Slicing Solution.

Ericsson Network Exposure

What is network exposure, and how can it be used to enable new use cases?

Ericsson Cloud Native Infrastructure Solution

Ericsson CNIS - a system-verified bare metal Container as a Service infrastructure for cloud native applications.

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