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Mobile Transport

Microwave, routing, and optical solutions for radio access networks, including partner products.   
We live in a world where everyone and everything gets connected. This explosive technological pace of development creates new needs and new conditions for the networks transporting all that data. And, as this digitalized environment becomes more complex, expectations are raised; networks must provide low latency, high security and real time communication capabilities. To do this, they must evolve. Ericsson offers solutions to evolve your transport networks from your radio site all the way to core using MINI-LINK, Router 6000 and Fronthaul 6000 and with best-in-class partners as Juniper and ECI.


5G readiness

Complete 5G ready portfolio supporting all 5G deployment scenarios

High performance

Market leading capacity, latency, and interface density


Open and standardized interfaces ensuring full interoperability in multi-vendor networks
Our range of products

MINI-LINK is the market-leading microwave family for cost-efficient mobile transport networks.


A radio integrated, service provider SDN enabled IP transport portfolio managed by a management system.

Optical Fronthaul

Builds centralized RAN architectures in urban areas where capacity and equipment footprint are critical.