Radio Site System

Radio site material, such as antennas, enclosures, power, installation material, and tools.
Networks are evolving and the demands on radio sites are constantly increasing. The introduction of new technologies and frequency bands require additional equipment and site visits; at the same time, there is pressure for reduced foot-print and tougher requirements for site acquisition in an already crowded landscape.

Every site is unique. Flexible, cost-efficient solutions with ease of deployment and maintenance are a must.

Ericsson Radio Site System, the solid foundation for Ericsson Radio System, makes seamless and easy network evolution a reality from the ground-up. It contains everything that is needed to effectively design, deploy, install, and manage a radio site, such as antennas, enclosures, power, site management, installation material, and tools.


5G readiness

Complete 5G ready portfolio supporting all 5G deployment scenarios


Faster time-to-market

Rapid installation and integration, with verified solutions

Ericsson Radio System design

Interworking of all components, reducing the need for testing, and cutting time to revenue


To secure years of high-quality performance

Our range of products
Antenna System

The antenna system is one of the most crucial areas in a radio access network.

Enclosure and Power

For Main-Remote 5G applications offering features and functionality that meet customer needs.

Integrated Site Solutions

Current telecom infrastructure needs ramping up to address the predicted growth in global mobile data traffic....

Remote Site Management

Enables the control and supervision of site equipment such as batteries, power systems and many others.