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Ericsson Indoor Manager


Ericsson Indoor Manager (EIM) is an IT-friendly, multi-tenant, cloud-based Operations and Maintenance (O&M) system for managing indoor networks. Its intuitive enterprise dashboard provides neutral hosts, building owners, enterprises, and CSPs (i) real-time visibility to Ericsson’s Radio Dot System (RDS) alarm and hardware KPIs, (ii) remote-remedy capabilities, and (iii) other premium upgrades  

EIM supports multi-persona segmentation of stakeholder data with full visibility of the network, including the option to reconfigure it.


Performance & Fault Management (PM)(FM)

Real-time RDS KPIs including:
-    Connection status
-    Power consumptions
-    Energy consumptions

Expedited Remediation

Common information stack streamlines trouble ticketing resulting in reduced time to discovery and resolution.

Scalable Architecture

Easily add new:
-    Locations
-    Enterprises
-    Seats
-    Premium Services