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Device and Network Testing


As the device ecosystem is growing and the number of IT systems and applications is growing rapidly too, a number of challenges arise for players in the ecosystem. The massive growth of devices is driving up the cost for all parties and finding a way to keep cost under control is on top of everyones mind. The complexity of IT systems is also growing at a steady pace and the number of integration points with it. These factors, combined with a pressure on service providers and system vendors to reduce lead times for new systems and services are putting new demands on automation of processes and tools for securing the quality and stability of end user services and systems.

Ericsson sees three main drivers for high quality end user services.

The behaviour of the application is key to the user experience and is the "store front" of the end user service. The application has its properties, features and capabilities and application developers are keen to secure a correct and consistent behaviour of their apps across device platforms and operator networks.

Device manifacturers want to deliver devices to a multitude of networks and proved the best possible device experience across operator networks and for all application. Ericsson has a very strong and neutral position as device tester due to our independence in this market.

Network operators have a vested interest in securing that their network is optimal for the blend of devices their customer have and for the applications they use.

Ericsson is adressing all three aspects with its Device and Network Testing portfolio.

Ericsson Device Hub launched

We are very proud to announce a partnership with renowned testing service provider TÜV Rheinland. TÜV Rheinland is well-established as a global testhouse in many technology areas and has fifteen state of the art wireless labs worldwide which give them a strong presence on all markets.

Ericsson Device Hub launched

Daniel Leung at SmarTone about Ericsson Device Hub

Daniel Leung, General Manager of Digital Development & Technology at SmarTone, talks about how they use Ericsson Device Hub to gain knowledge about available and tested devices for their market. 

Daniel Leung at SmarTone
Our range of products
Multi Vendor Verification

Identifies necessary changes to reach the optimum configuration for a successful multi-vendor network.

Device and Application Verification

Bringing the Networked Society to life in a safe way where connected devices will increase.

Device Hub

To facilitate the launch of new devices and services for operators, and to shorten the time to customers.