Technical product information and manuals

Ericsson’s technical product documentation library provides manuals and descriptions delivered with a product, or collection of products, to support its use throughout the product's life cycle.

All the information needed to handle our products are included in our manual library. As many Ericsson products are part of complex telecom systems, sometimes information can be provided for several products, either stand-alone, or in a predefined collection.
For all Ericsson products, information is made available in HTML and PDF format. The documents are grouped in generically labelled top level folders and sub-folders to support easy structural recognition of the information.
All documents are interlinked, supporting use cases where related information is connected in a flow, making sure we guide users in handling Ericsson products.

Examples of information structures and types delivered:

  • Product descriptions high-level and detailed descriptions of what a product is. These can describe a system, nodes in a network, hardware components, software features, or other characteristics of the system
  • Operation and maintenance – includes all the information required to operate and maintain the product, manage faults and performance, or handle configuration activities. The information types that are typical here are Operating Instructions and User Guides
Screenshot of instruction library

Example of the library’s user interface showing overview information for 5G Plug-ins for LTE.


Gaining access to technical product library

The manual library of Ericsson products is part of the product deliverables and access is provided through the Extranet. These portals provide customer specific information on products and functions, there among instructions and manuals.