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RAN Compute


The Ericsson Radio System RAN Compute portfolio offers the versatility and flexibility required for all site solutions. The portfolio boasts indoor and outdoor units supporting macro and micro sites, and Radio Gateways for CPRI to eCPRI conversion, bringing packet fronthaul to legacy Radios equipped with the CPRI interface. 
Ericsson has used tailor made System on a Chip (SoC) for RAN Compute processing for many years. The constant improvements of this technology have given Ericsson tremendous improvements of the RAN Compute portfolio when it comes to flexibility, capacity, and power efficiency.
The Ericsson RAN Compute products powered by Ericsson Silicon provides the following CSP values:
•    Smallest footprint: Majority of configurations are supported in one rack unit (1U)
•    Lowest power consumption: RAN Compute has the lowest power consumption in industry benchmarks.
•    Optimal site solutions: Indoor (DRAN, CRAN), outdoor (zero footprint) and integrated (Street Macro) are supported.
•    Fewer site visits: Spectrum re-farming from 2G, 3G to 4G, 5G and Ericsson Spectrum sharing can be handled by remote reconfiguration. 
•    Future proof: Ericsson Silicon is very flexible and has high capacity which enable RAN Compute to support network evolution plans over many years.
•    Time to market (TTM) advantage: Many new capabilities can be quickly rolled out in the network by software upgrades. (5G SW upgradable since 2015) 
Our customers can be sure that they can get the best value from their precious spectrum assets while re-using existing sites as much as possible. They can in turn, deliver enormous benefits to their customers with super-fast and reliable 5G service, achieving the highest quality and best 5G user experience possible.