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Shaping history

Over the past 140 years, Ericsson has been a global leader in ICT solutions. From manufacturing some of the first telephones, to managing networks that process a big part of the world's data, we have a long history of shaping how the world communicates.
Three telephone operators from the early 1900s sitting at a switch board

Humble beginnings

Lars Magnus Ericsson started what would become Ericsson in 1876. The company was established as a workshop to repair telegraph instruments and undertake small mechanical engineering jobs. Once the telephone arrived in Sweden, Ericsson began being commissioned to repair and install the new invention. He quickly realized the possibilities of the telephone and started improving and creating his own versions of the device.

The first telephones manufactured by Ericsson were presented in 1878. Shortly thereafter, Ericsson's unique wall mounted telephones would soon became known throughout the world as the "Swedish pattern".

At the time of incorporation in 1896, Lars Magnus Ericsson's company had grown into a major enterprise with more than 500 employees and had produced over 100,000 telephones.

Ericsson today

We are leading the way in creating a connected world, one where new technologies transform the way we interact and communicate. Through our innovations and ICT solutions, we help transform industries and create a world of new possibilities.

Making 5G a reality

Ericsson has been a key player in the evolution of mobile networks and 5G is no different. We are leading the way in making 5G the global standard for the next generation of wireless technology. In fact, we are working with some of the largest mobile operators in the world including AT&T, China Mobil, Deutche Telecom, Korea Telecom, Turkcell, TeliaSonera, Verizon, and Vodafone to make 5G a reality.

Cloud solutions

At Ericsson, we believe IT is no longer just a support function. We design IT infrastructure to drive top line revenue growth and strategic advantage. This kind of transformation is what Ericsson has always done. Our Cloud solutions are designed as digital factories: hyperscalable, software-defined, automated, and accessible in a way that you've never seen before.

Internet of Things (IoT)

As we move into the Networked Society, devices will become more capable and integrated into vast numbers of different applications across sectors. Ericsson takes a holistic view on IoT by providing key solutions to make the Internet of Things happen, like managed connectivity services, applications and systems integration activities. The Ericsson approach is to ensure that all the necessary parts exist for stakeholders and users to benefit from the Internet of Things.

Corporate story

Over the past 140 years, we have achieved many groundbreaking milestones to become a global leader in ICT.

Our innovations

Learn more about our research and innovations that changed the world.