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Drone and radio antenna in rural area

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What will drive mobile financial services’ growth?

This survey by Ericsson and Juniper Research towards Mobile Network Operators provides insights on factors that will drive the growth for mobile financial services over the next five years, helping industry leaders to shape their future strategy.

AI/ML in telecom network security

When adopting new technologies like AI/ML, there is always a balance between benefits and risks. It is essential to recognize that risks vary across different deployments, necessitating the selection of appropriate security controls tailored to each specific context.

Driving Open RAN forward

A new industry-wide agreement on open fronthaul interfaces enables communication service providers (CSPs) for the first time, to achieve full performance with Open RAN in commercial network deployments at scale. This paper dives into the Open RAN fronthaul interface and Ericsson’s commitment to open fronthaul and high-performing Open RAN.

Fixed Wireless Access insights

Leverage the global 5G FWA momentum, with more than one billion opportunities, to close the digital divide. Explore the potential of flexible self-installation CPEs and offer speed-tiered plans to capture value. All are built on the future-proof platform for growth that is 5G: this, and much more, in six actionable insights from the 2024 Fixed Wireless Access handbook.

Evolving Open RAN Security

Open RAN has an expanded threat surface due to it’s network functions, interfaces and technologies. Therefore, Open RAN has an increased risk of internal threats compared to traditional RAN. In this paper we have deep dived into these threats and what can be done to mitigate them.

Ericsson Transport for Utilities

A breadth of solutions in transport securing private LTE today and futureproofing the evolution to tomorrow’s private 5G.

How can network modernization help CSPs in their sustainability strategies?

Modernization has always been a vital part of meeting user experience and business targets, and it has also become increasingly relevant to execute on energy cost reductions and Net Zero ambitions. Ericsson works relentlessly to achieve higher network capacity with reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint - in essence, doing more with less.

How do utilities decide which spectrum to use?

As they undergo digital transformation, utilities are investing in new technologies to modernize the grid and improve the existing grid’s security, reliability and resiliency. Access to a wireless network with superior coverage and adequate capacity is central to utilities’ security, reliability and independence needs. And spectrum is a fundamental building block. Utilities are likely new to the intricacies of spectrum. Our new case study explains why spectrum is important to the modernized grid and what considerations you must make when choosing spectrum for a utility’s specific needs.

ABI Research's 'Sustainability Assessment: Telco Technology Suppliers' technology analysis report

Ericsson was named the overall sustainability leader in the study conducted by ABI Research to assess the capabilities of telco technology vendors in designing and creating equipment, software and services that reduce energy use and waste across the telecom industry.

Traffic Steering with Multi-Layer Coordination in 5G Standalone

5G introduces multiple frequency bands with different capacities and coverage. At the same time, the variety and capabilities of user equipment (UE) continue to increase. To manage the increasing complexity of steering every UE to the most adequate frequency layer, traffic steering needs to evolve. Are you curious to get more insights?

In-building wireless for 5G connectivity in real estate market

The practice of working from home and the need for access to secure communication within the workplace have prompted the demand for robust connectivity. In-building wireless solutions address the requirements for high-quality connectivity in terms of reliability and availability, latency, and enhanced broadband capabilities.

How industry structure created a mobile miracle

The mobile miracle, the scale and innovation power that it continues to leverage. All built on the industry logic where standardization and interoperability plays the key role.

Economic benefits of 5G in emerging markets

A major new Ericsson commissioned study by management consulting firm Analysys Mason highlights the potential economic, consumer and environmental benefits of 5G connectivity in 15 national emerging markets.

Indoor 5G Small Cells

Across all indoor scenarios, the race to capture the 5G market is happening now, and early-mover advantage is key to ensuring a competitive offering in these business-critical markets for years to come. However, the roadmap for indoor deployments is no longer straightforward. Different use cases require different network capabilities. And with the technology landscape evolving quickly, it’s important to be prepared for future customer needs. Explore the different deployment pathways that can help you unlock massive revenue possibilities in business-critical indoor markets today.

AI business value: Unleashing the potential of AI for telecom operations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking automation to the next level. But AI implementation isn't just a one-off tech solution – it's a whole new way of working, which means its value is often hard to measure. To calculate how AI is driving growth in the telecommunications industry, we surveyed industry professionals about the role it plays in their organizations, using the insights to develop an industry-unique measurement framework.

What’s next for RAN? Discover Cloud RAN benefits and how it can coexist with purpose-built RAN

Cloud RAN is a key building block for the networks of the future, but the transition to a cloud based paradigm is a journey. In our new paper, service providers will discover the benefits of both Cloud RAN and purpose-built RAN in different scenarios. Discover Cloud RAN benefits and how it can coexist with purpose-built RAN, to meet diverse and varied needs for more resilient, open, sustainable and intelligent mobile networks.

Accurate and reliable synchronization in 5G

Seamless synchronization operation is fundamental to unlock the full potential of 5G. To efficiently address RAN synchronization requirements, a good understanding of all the technology options for synchronization distribution in transport networks is essential.

Improving customer experience and ROI with mobile planning, design, and optimization

Network planning, design, and optimization are key to achieving CSPs’ goals of improving customer experience, boosting ROI, and accelerating time to market. Operators must ensure their tools and practices are up to date, leveraging new capabilities such as AI and IT best practices such as cloud-native software.

Accelerate 5G indoor experiences

What connects airports, hospitals, shopping malls, head offices, and factories? Ericsson does with a common solution for exceptional indoor 5G experiences for consumers and enterprises. Ericsson is redefining indoor connectivity with the industry's most cost-effective and modular high-performance small-cell radio system.

Benchmark Measurements in 5G NR Networks

Why traditional methods of measuring radio network performance are no longer suitable for 5G. This paper presents the new benchmarking challenges and recommends conducting 5G radio benchmark measurements based on actual end-user performance. 

Leveraging the potential of 5G millimeter wave

Millimeter Wave (mmWave) boosted networks are taking off globally, delivering multi-gigabit speeds, capacity and exceptionally mobile broadband speeds in suburban and rural communities, thanks to extended range software. Explore various deployment opportunities and the use cases that can be addressed in our paper.

5G and Wi-Fi: Charting a path towards superior indoor connectivity

5G NR and Wi-Fi 6 are able to boost bandwidth and capacity while being more efficient than legacy solutions. But, which one should you pick for your specific needs?

Critical Care Connectivity: Robust Cellular Networks for Hospitals

The hospital of the future is upon us. With aging populations, rising costs of treatment, and smaller infrastructure funding budgets worldwide, hospitals will be required to adopt digital products, services, and processes to streamline operations and ensure economies of scale.

The guide to capturing the 5G-IoT business potential

5G presents an opportunity for telecom operators to tap into new revenue streams emerging from the digitalization of industries. Our report The 5G business potential shows operators can benefit from up to USD 619 billion market opportunity globally in 2026.

5G deployment considerations

How can 5G be rolled out in the fastest, smoothest, and most efficient way possible, while meeting the key objectives of successful coexistence with 4G and continuous growth?

5G for Manufacturing & Industrial Automation

In an era of intense volatility due to shorter business and product lifecycles, manufacturing companies around the globe are under extreme pressure. Margins are being squeezed more than ever as components increasingly become more varied and complex to produce, workforces are aging and becoming costlier to maintain.

Understanding the opportunities for operators in healthcare

Wearable devices, secure online consultations, and remote procedures like robotic surgery will improve resource efficiency and meet consumer demands for greater convenience and freedom of choice. This technological transformation of the healthcare sector offers numerous opportunities for telecom operators to penetrate new value chains and initiate partnerships that benefit the entire ecosystem.

Financial impact of network investment and sharing

Do you believe you need a lower cost per bit to set your company apart? This limits your options for new business. We found that investing in network performance brings financial returns. Explore our new analysis here.

The impact of 5G and IoT on industries

Ericsson asked 900 decision makers in large companies across 10 key industries about the role they expect 5G to play within their sector, the problems they expect 5G to solve, and the extent to which they’d be willing to pay for 5G services.

Discover Mobile service packaging towards 5G

Amid all the positive signs about the advent of 5G, mobile communications service providers have a number of questions. Are they doing things right today? Should they change their offerings? How should they monetize data traffic and services when 5G comes along? Are there newer and better ways in which to monetize traffic and usage in the future?

NB-IoT and LTE-M in the context of 5G – industry white paper

A new industry white paper has been released by the GSMA. It is all about how the 3GPP standardized NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies continue evolving as part of 5G specifications.

The 5G business case for enhanced mobile broadband

Enhanced mobile broadband will be the first commercial application of 5G. In the near future, 5G can help telecom operators efficiently improve their consumer business. Our study reveals that the evolution to 5G can enable 10 times lower cost per gigabyte than current 4G networks.

5G open for business

Watch the video about impact of 5G on business.