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IndustryLab reports

A case study on automation in mining - 5G business value

In this case study, we explore the role of automation in the mining industry and uncover the business value of using 4G and 5G technology in an open-pit mine, in terms of both economics and sustainability. The Boliden Aitik case study shows a reduced cost through automation, with communications being the key enabler. This shows an annual EUR 2.5 million net saving for the Aitik mine alone. The report is based on discussions and interviews with Boliden carried out as part of a study conducted in January–March 2018.

Creative Machines

This report explores what roles AI will be capable of in the job market, and what it means for the human workforce. It does so by comparing the ongoing development with the first industrial revolution. AI will impact all jobs where efficiency and productivity gains can be made, including creative work. Hence impacting all industries and businesses. The report is based on interviews with academia and industry leaders as well as quantitative consumer survey data from Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab analytical platform.

Bringing 5G business value to industry

In this report we are uncovering the 5G Business value to the industry when we explore the Blisk manufacturing case study. Equipping industrial sites with 5G mobile communications opens up large opportunities for operators to expand their business.

Flexibility in worklife

 It probably comes as no surprise, but the Flexibility in Work Life report shows that the working population places great value on the importance of pleasure and the pursuit of happiness in life just as much as others. Two factors help to make this a reality in today's business environment: managers providing their workforces with mobile devices and smartphones, so employees can work remotely; and the growing importance of flexible working hours. The report examines consumer opinions from a professional perspective, and is based on the analysis of more than 47,000 interviews conducted among a wide selection of workers in 23 countries around the world.

A study of enterprise mobility transformation

Enterprise mobility is a rapidly evolving area in IT, as the demand to access information on the go, via mobile platforms, is increasing.

Mobility has become a business necessity, creating new ways of working and transforming business processes.

Companies have to adapt quickly and need to be sure security, governance and compliance policies across devices, data and applications are intact.
Mobile technology is believed to generate increased productivity and competitive advantage, yet it also erodes the traditional top-down model of enterprise IT control. Today, employees influence the transformation e.g. through the adoption of BYOD.


5G trial case story blisk manufacturing

Bringing 5G business value to industry - A case study uncovering 5G's potential.
This case study is looking at the business value of 5G in manufacturing. The specific case we have looked at production of blade integrated discs, blisks, used in i.e. jet engines.

Jet engines at a lower cost

Jet engines at a lower cost: A 5G industry collaboration between Fraunhofer and Ericsson.