5G the most secure foundation for digitalizing enterprises

Telecom security for a connected world

Our world is changing. As we enter a new era of connectivity, a new business reality is emerging. The race to secure tomorrow’s connected society has begun. To capture the huge value at stake, the message for service providers is simple: Provide a secure network as the foundation to connect everything, and tomorrow’s world is yours.

Ericsson’s evolved network security is the pioneer of a simpler yet more robust era of telecom security. Our market-leading solutions equip service providers with autonomous, end-to-end telecom security – built in to each layer of the network and securing all connected things everywhere, all the time. Our security management solution, powered by advanced predictive analytics and offering increased actionable visibility, ensures that you can stay a step ahead of an increasingly dynamic threat environment. By making it easier for you to assemble, integrate and automate network security at massive scale, we will enable you to connect the enterprise of tomorrow. Welcome to our quest for easy.

In focus

Building trustworthiness into future mobile networks

AI & secure computing enable trustworthy 5G mobile networks

How 3GPP is setting the 5G security standards

For decades, 3GPP has ensured the proper security mechanisms through standards which have enabled billions of global users to access mobile communications

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5G security - enabling a trustworthy 5G system

There are five properties that underpin trust in 5G systems. Find out what they are and how we ensure a trustworthy 5G system in our white paper.

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The world’s first 5G cybersecurity hackathon

Taking 5G network security to the next level

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Our approach for end-to-end security

Security operations & management

Adaptive & automated security to manage dynamic environment

A dynamic threat environment calls for intelligent security built on machine learning and analytics. Our security manager brings security management capabilities powered by automation and intelligence and our managed services provides a fully secure operations offering end to end.

Security features and functions

Ensuring end-to-end security, from device to cloud

The new business environment will place unprecedented demands on security. IoT security requires an end-to-end approach to secure the performance of IoT services. Network security provides for example traffic filtering and network slicing to safeguard against the higher risks facing connected industries . Identity and access management solutions are important for identity validation and trust management.

Secure products

Privacy and security built-in to products by design

Security is built in to our products by design, making bolt-on security a thing of the past. Our Security Reliability Model ensures that security is built into our products from day one, resulting in a portfolio which is inherently secure, easy to integrate and ready to withstand evolving threats against the network.

Secure approach

Consistent security philosophy appropriate to the new context

We build our products on 3GPP standards which is built for connected devices and we also contribute strongly to the 3GPP security work Security Assurance Methodology (SECAM) for 3GPP Nodes as well as in other standardization bodies. We also have a worldwide certificate for ISO 27001.

Resolute security – anywhere, all the time

Resolute security – anywhere, all the time

In the event of any security incidents, Ericsson’s Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) will immediately help you to investigate and manage any potential vulnerabilities on your network. This promise relates to all Ericsson products, solutions and services.

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