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ESG ratings

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Ericsson is subject to a number of ESG ratings and rankings. These aim at providing investors and other stakeholders with comparable ESG evaluations to be incorporated in their decision-making processes. Below are the current evaluations of Ericsson by some of the most prominent ESG Raters.
  Latest published results Score/Rating Aditional information
CDP Climate Change 2024

A- (scale D- to A)

Ericsson CDP response 
Corporate Knights Global 100 2024

Place #15

FTSE Russell 2023 4.6/5.0  
ISS ESG Corporate Rating 2023 C+ (scale D- to A+)  
MSCI ESG Rating 2023 A (scale CCC to AAA)  
Sustainalytics ESG Risk Rating 2023 Low risk (16.6)
(Scale "Negligible" (<10) to "Severe" (40+))
S&P Global ESG scores 2023

59/100 pts.

Member of DJSI Europe Index

The information on this page is updated as soon as new information becomes available but may not contain the newest information at all time. To verify the current rating(s), please access each respective Rater’s own website.