5G in Europe

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Ericsson in Europe

Since 1876, we have been a critical part of Europe’s innovation story. Today, we are committed to driving the region’s digital agenda through turning-point technologies such as 5G, IoT, cloud and more. We’re ready for Europe’s next chapter. Are you?

We were first to launch live commercial networks across all four continents, including Europe, in all frequency bands. And we’re just getting started. Across each of our 21 R&D centers in Europe, we’re collaborating with the region’s industries and innovators to put European enterprise in the control room of what happens next.

Explore the future of European healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, energy and more below.

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Ericsson and 5G in Europe


As we move into 5G, we are committed to enabling Europe’s service providers, industries, and governments to benefit from high-speed, high-quality and trustworthy connectivity. In doing so, we are laying the groundwork for the region’s ongoing digital transformation.

Ericsson mobility report

By 2025, 5G is expected to account for an average 40 percent of all mobile subscriptions across Europe, with a much higher percentage in Western Europe. In addition, mobile data traffic in Europe is set to grow by over 30 percent each year until 2025.

5G partnerships

We collaborate with over 100 partners in the region to drive the design and architecture of 5G technology. Our joint 5G trials across Europe’s key industries such as manufacturing and transport enable us to test, learn, and map the region’s digital future.

The future of European industry

Factory sustainability and connectivity

In an era of intense volatility due to shorter business and product lifecycles, manufacturing companies around the globe are under extreme pressure to reduce cost of operations. To do this, factories must leverage technology and digitalization to become more agile and efficient.

Spectrum and investment in Europe

Investment incentives and new spectrum bands are urgently needed to accommodate the region’s five-fold increase in data usage by 2023.

Policy and government affairs

Innovation and collaboration

Ericsson patents

With more than 49,000 granted patents, we have the industry’s leading intellectual property portfolio in Europe and are leading the development of 5G. In doing so, we’re contributing significantly to the region’s next technology frontiers.


Communication standards play a key role in defining the direction of the region’s digital agenda. As a recognized leader in 3GPP and other standardization bodies, we work closely with partners across Europe and the world to enable progress across industry and society.

Ericsson ONE

Over a third of our global workforce is based in Europe and every single one is a potential innovator. Find out how Ericsson ONE is enabling bold innovation in the region from our extensive network of engineers, experts and unparalleled technological resources.

Exponential Climate Action Roadmap

We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 35% from our own activities by 2022. In doing so, we’re demonstrating how the ICT industry and wider world can move from incremental to exponential climate action.

Exponential Roadmap

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