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Ericsson in Belgium

Welcome to Ericsson in Belgium!

Ericsson offices in Zaventem, Brussels, Belgium

Ericsson in Belgium

Established in Belgium since 1974, Ericsson is one of the main telecommunications infrastructure providers and partner for most service and/or operators in Belgium. Ericsson is also a leading supplier for private companies, public administrations, and local communities for their growing needs in innovative telecom services.

As a telecom infrastructure leader, Ericsson was at the cornerstone of the deployment, operation, and maintenance of the 4G and 5G networks in Belgium.

Ericsson is present in Belgium on 2 sites located in Brussels and Zaventem. Our collaborators contribute daily to the creation of value and the development of innovation.

Our offices


Lozenberg 20

B-1932, Zaventem

Phone: +32 2 745 12 11

Fax: +32 2 745 12 19


Ericsson European Union Affairs

Rue d'Arlon 50

1040, Brussels