About Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Ericsson Nikola Tesla shares a vision of the networked society where every person and every industry is empowered to reach their full potential. The Ericsson Nikola Tesla Group is the leading regional provider of communication products and services in the operators’ segment, and a provider of innovative ICT solutions related to health care, transport, state administration, municipal services, and multimedia. Owing to the activities of the Research and Development Center and expert centers for customer service delivery, the Group is Croatia’s leading exporter of knowledge. The Company itself is well perceived in Croatia and regionally. Ericsson is ranked as one of the top brands in Croatia; it is especially recognized for its innovative culture and corporate responsibility practice. As a result of a fruitful collaboration with research institutions in implementing joint projects as well as with universities, particularly in the form of Summer Camp for students, Croatian students have awarded Ericsson Nikola Tesla the award for the best image among students.

“Nikola Tesla” telephone devices factory was founded on October 31,1949. Since that day, a “service workshop for installation and maintenance of telegraph and telephone devices” that mainly dealt with the repair of equipment, started to operate as a manufacturing company.

In 1953, the world’s technology leader Ericsson signed one of its first licensing agreement on cooperation with the then Croatian factory “Nikola Tesla.” This collaboration evolved into a proprietary relationship, when the Croatian Fund for Privatization and Ericsson signed an Agreement on selling 49.07 percent of Nikola Tesla shares in March 1995. Continuous technological changes in the telecommunications segment were going from “step-by-step” exchanges, crossbar, and digital systems up to the “production of knowledge.”

Ericsson Nikola Tesla conducts its business in line with the highest global business standards and contemporary way of working, while the principles of social responsibility have been incorporated in the long-term business development strategy – in all business segments and in relation to all stakeholders. The shares of Ericsson Nikola Tesla are traded in the Regular Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) under the stock exchange symbol ERNT-R-A.