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CSP opportunity for 5G growth in the Thai manufacturing sector

According to Ericsson forecasts, 5G B2B services in Thailand will drive a 22% increase in total service revenue or over $3bn, by 2030 for CSPs. Uncover how manufacturing will be key to unlocking new 5G revenue opportunities for CSPs and power growth for Thai enterprises.
A female professional working with 5G digital twin technology and Industry 4.0

For many operators, consumer is the largest contributor to service provider revenues and therefore always represents a key area of focus.  However, 5G for enterprise will be a major growth driver due to the scale of opportunity in the digital transformation of industries.   

In Thailand, Ericsson forecasts that the 5G Business-to-Business services will drive a 22% increase in total service revenue or over $3bn, by 2030 for Thai Communications Services Providers (CSPs) 

Manufacturing represents the number one sector in Thailand in terms of both 5G revenue opportunity for CSPs and the value Enterprises can realise from 5G-driven digital transformation.  Ericsson has partnered with the broader ICT ecosystem to understand the key global challenges within the manufacturing sector such as falling productivity, the emergence of new, technology driven production techniques and supply chain disruption, not to mention growing consumer demand for product customisation.  From this we have also worked with our partners to understand the role of 5G, as well as other technologies to deliver value-creating business solutions. 

As a result of this deep insight, Ericsson has identified the top use cases that will deliver the greatest value to manufacturers in Thailand.  These include autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for real-time production change automation, collaborative robots for efficient operations, augmented reality (AR) for efficient quality inspections, asset condition monitoring for increased uptime and digital twins for optimized operations. 

Ericsson has expertise in partnering with CSP's to explore how manufacturers can adopt and scale such use cases in their own operations.  We see enormous potential for co-creation with Thai CSP's on the key cases within the Thai manufacturing sector and joint go to market, to maximise the 5G revenue opportunities. 

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