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Kyiv, Ericsson in Ukraine

Imagining a connected Ukraine since 1893

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About Ericsson Ukraine

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At Ericsson, we have been helping make a connected Ukraine possible since 1893, when the first Ericsson equipment arrived in the country. Over the years, our technology has evolved from the earliest telephones to the wireless networks of today through the eras of 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile technology, Now, we are paving the way for the 5G future.

Ericsson’s subsidiary in Ukraine opened its office in Kyiv in June 1997 with 100 percent foreign investments. As Ericsson Ukraine, we received the award for the most attractive telecommunication employer based on the Randstad Employer Brand Research by Ancor in 2020. We collaborate with Ukrainian universities and industry to develop innovative technologies, secure resilient networks for consumers and enterprises, and create new use cases. We also serve as a talent hub for telecommunications projects in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, offering opportunities for growth and development.

Connectivity has never been more important as communication is and remains a basic human need.

We are powering Ukraine’s telecommunications infrastructure, with more than 65 percent of mobile calls in the country being connected through Ericsson equipment.​​

Our commitment extends to the people of Ukraine, where we are actively supporting humanitarian efforts at this urgent time. Since 2022, we have demonstrated this commitment through various means, including monetary donations at the corporate level and contributions from our employees. These donations have gone to leading relief organizations working on the ground in the country, helping to provide essential resources such as electricity, heating, and aid to those who have been forced to leave their homes. In addition to the financial support, our employees at Ericsson have shown their dedication by volunteering their time and expertise to provide vital technical assistance and have also been actively involved in collection drives for essential items.

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Transformative 5G in Ukraine

As a global leader in 5G, we are committed to bringing the benefits of secure and sustainable 5G networks to Ukraine once the market is ready, delivering critical connectivity, and unlocking growth opportunities.

Throughout our historic presence in Ukraine, together with communications service providers, we have brought mobile broadband connectivity closer to consumers and enterprises with the launches of 3G in 2015 and 4G in 2018. As early as 2019, we showcased a live demo of 5G technology on 28 MHz frequency, and in 2021, we opened a 5G demo center.

5G technology is creating never-before-seen opportunities for individuals and businesses, which is demonstrated by Ericsson's over 170 5G commercial agreements with unique service providers worldwide.

5G Demo Center

Our test laboratory and demo studio showcases the company’s latest equipment and solutions.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Learn more about our commitment to a connected and sustainable world. 

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