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Artificial Intelligence is changing how industry operates. At Ericsson D-15 AI, we help partners explore the benefits of AI-integrated innovation. Together with our team of industry experts, you can refine solutions that adapt to real-world challenges – combining cutting-edge technology, hands-on expertise, and vast amounts of data to deliver viable products and services.

An inspiring space to drive AI potential forward.

Watch Amy McCune, Head of Manage Services North America, explain how AI can be leveraged to increase efficiency.

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Building together with AI

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We build, test, and adapt AI integrated solutions with our partners – leveraging industry expertise and vast amounts of data from our extensive global networks.

Ericsson Building together with AI

Empowered through an extensive AI ecosystem, we develop real-world solutions and share the results universally through the Acumos open source framework.

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Championing the innovative spirit of the world’s brightest minds, we tap into the talent pool from leading American universities to explore and develop AI potential.

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Meet the team

Simone Vincenzi

Simone Vincenzi

Manager, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Simone has a PhD in theoretical ecology from the University of Parma. Before moving into tech, he worked at Universities and research centers in Italy (his home country) and in the US on problems in mathematical biology, computational genetics, and machine learning. At Ericsson GAIA, he leads initiatives that apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to cellular network optimization.

Outside of work, Simone practices and coaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Santa Cruz, runs along the ocean, travels as often as he can ¬(especially to South America), and likes to read, watch, and talk about novels and movies.

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Sachin Desai

Sachin Desai

Global Vice President & Head of Ericsson AI Accelerator

Sachin Desai is a Product Engineering Executive with a broad variety of experiences ranging from building teams from scratch (CoSine) to rebuilding teams (Redback) and scaling teams up (Ericsson) to establishing R&D centers from the ground up. He has had a variety of stints in early-stage startups to turn-arounds to large, established global market leaders. Sachin has led execution-oriented product engineering teams (VP of Eng) as well as held direction-setting technology and strategy leadership (Head of Technology) roles.

Intimately familiar with software engineering practices, disciplines, technologies and related methods and tools. Well-versed with a range of domains - Cloud Infrastructure, Telecom, IP Routing/Switching - their ecosystems and their adjacent fields. Engineer/Coder by roots. Adept at assessing the economics and trends surrounding industries and opportunities and translating them into context for strategy and execution. Passionate about recruiting and growing leaders - both technology and people leaders. Keen and accessible mentor to a small number of eager mentees across a variety of disciplines and age groups.

Currently, he heads up Ericsson’s AI Accelerator where he is building a multi-hundred-string team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, AI Architects and Machine Learning Engineers to build AI/ML capabilities into Ericsson’s products and services portfolio.

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