From Hilda to Lars Magnus, August 17 1881

Lars Magnus and Hilda in their home with a telegraph.

Wednesday, 17 August 1881

My beloved Magnus!

Only a few, quick lines to release you from unneeded worry over the contents of my Sunday letter. Money has come at the last moment, arriving from both Gefle and Norrköping. 

Malm’s workshop is still idle.

Andersson’s Norrköping trip succeeded overall. 

Ida is rather poorly / unfortunately. I have a bad toothache and for the rest feel somewhat ill. Will see how I fare this night. As soon as anything changes here at home, I will send a note at once written in pencil. Should you have left Paris by then and you do not receive my letter, there is nothing for it.  

In closing heart to heart and lips to lips, your devoted little Hilda.

Author: Hilda Ericsson, original manuscript

© Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson and Centre for Business History

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