From Hilda to Lars Magnus, August 1885

Ericsson, Hilda (portrait, 1915)

Stockholm August 18, 1885

My much-loved Husband!

Oh what joy I felt when your last telegram arrived in which your journey home was decided yes, my darling soon, oh! soon I will have you here [and] now the children talk of nothing else than that they will move into town ’so that we are home when Daddy comes’.  

The scaffold outside the house is still there and will probably not be removed before you come home.

Engineer Larsson was here yesterday evening. He asks you to be so kind as to go to Elliott Brothers 101 & 102 St Martin´s Lane where you know that a number of test instruments are on order and for which payment has been made at app. 13-10% (???), though some small additional orders have been made he asks you to pay for. A letter received from the company in question date Aug 7 states that the instruments were shipped out as early as the 15th inst, which Ing. L is not certain of.

Miss Hammarström came as usual here yesterday [and] she asks me to tell you quietly that Edholm has returned from America and that he has a number of ideas he intends to sell and patent; she was much concerned that he would act prematurely with something here. 

Stina has had a boil in her left breast that has been lanced, for which reason she has been unable to work for three weeks and will remain away 14 additional days, for which reason I have had to sit from morning till evening at the desk. It is five in the morning now. On the 12th of this month Anderssons had a sweet little girl and everything is fine.

Yesterday Miss Walén wrote to Ing. C. When your last telegram had arrived, I wrote to Mrs. Meurling, but since then we have had no word from her. 

My Darling – welcome home to all your small – now I would wish that 2 days went for one, but we will have to accept the fate that time passes as it does. I have received your letter written in Chicago and my joy was great. Thursday is the 20th and I send the heartiest gratulations to my Magnus. Everyone sends hearty greetings. The children ask to be remembered to Daddy – Gustaf cannot quite understand that you can receive letters as I have told him earlier that you are so very far away, many, many kisses and hugs from your devoted Wife.

Author: Hilda Ericsson, original manuscript.

© Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson and Centre for Business History

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