From Hilda to Lars Magnus, August 24 1883

Ericsson, Hilda, Gustaf, Anna (group, 1885)

Stockholm, 24 August 1883

My sweet Darling!

Many, many hearty thanks for your welcome /insert/ and deeply longed-for many, many kisses/ lines that I received a few hours ago. 

This afternoon Miss Wallin also received a letter, though dated the day after yours. There C. says that should we wish to write we should address the letter to Berlin poste restante. 

Very welcome home. Hope to show you that in some way when you come. Little Erickson has also sent a letter and seems not to come earlier than in the beginning of next month. 

Everything is well here. Mother has been home today and sends greetings. 

You will soon be here and then we can talk about this and that. 

Welcome home to your little wifey’s embrace. Your Hilda.

Author: Hilda Ericsson, original manuscript.

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