From Hilda to Lars Magnus, March 10 1890

Ericsson, Hilda (portrait, 1915)

Stockholm March 10. 2.30 p.m. 1890

My darling!

It is good that it is not Saturday evening as, though I do not understand, I felt depressed, anxious, sad – no, I cannot find the right expression. 

We are once again in our everyday routine, the children in school and all of us at our normal activities. Herr Georg Sievert was here this morning and received money – he too will write to Berlin today. 

Mr. Charles Bell has just left. Today he was only here a short while [and] will return tomorrow to view the other table drawing from Carlsson. 

Helfrid Meurling telephoned yesterday and asked me to accompany her to hear King for a day, which I did, meaning that our theatre attendance is finally behind us, though Helfrid asked me to send her greetings to you and Max.  

This evening I can imagine how tired you are as you arrive in Berlin, but hope that you are still healthy and that after a pint of beer (?) and a solid night’s rest you can begin your work with fresh strength. 

The children have now come home from school and can thus send their dear Daddy a kiss. 

My Darling [gets] a long kiss from you own little Hilda

P.S. A letter, probably from your brother in America came today, will wait unopened for your return. same

Greetings to Max.

Author: Hilda Ericsson, original manuscript.

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