From Hilda to Lars Magnus, March 12 1890

Ericsson, Hilda (portrait, 1915)

Stockholm March 12. 4:30 p.m. 1890

My beloved Magnus.

I do not remember that I missed you as much earlier when you were away as you are this time – evenings from seven to bedtime seems to me a whole day. Welcome back soon to us all -

Mister Bell was not here yesterday, but today he came and said farewell; he received Carlsson’s second drawing, one in English and the other in Russian style as he asked for double blueprints of each drawing; he [also] got 5 small telephones that he seemed much delighted in and asked especially to be remembered to you when I next wrote.

Andersson and Boström ask to tell you that everything is as usual, that nothing extra has occurred.  

Mr. Boström was at the Bank today and borrowed on a promissory note to strengthen our purse, but painters Pettersson and Åkerberg came today and were paid; today I am sending 2000 kronor to father and mother to be paid to Lundqvist on March 14.

Uncle Adolf gets no Stockholm cast right now. 

The children can write their own greetings on the other side –

Mr. Ernst Sievert was here yesterday and picked up his inductor plus some wire and string (?) orders; he asked to be remembered to you both.  

And now, my sweetheart, fervent greetings from your Wife.

Greetings to dear Daddy from his Gustaf. 

And from his little Anna as well.

Author: Hilda Ericsson, original manuscript.

© Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson and Centre for Business History

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