From Hilda to Lars Magnus, May 25 1889

Ericsson, Hilda (portrait, 1915)

Stockholm May 25, 1889

Thank you for the agreeable journey to Mjölby; I have not had a more pleasant journey before and the trip to Lagmansberga was glorious, the birds calling each other and the partridges ran over the road without a break – when we arrived it was 4:30 and the sun was high in the sky. Lina was up greeting us with an early breakfast that taste so good.

Lina was unusually spry [and] the new world citizen grand. Grandmother is the same as ever, as is Stina and Johan still went with open wounds, but they did not pain him at all. I left Monday morning and arrived at Wingåker at 6:30 p.m. to a hearty welcome. Grandmother was almost certain I would come, but no one knew anything. It was rather fun to see Haga as it once had been. I left the next day and returned thus to our pleasant city Tuesday evening at 10.

Here at home everything is its usual stressful self both at the Office and the Workshop. 

It is rather a mess in the yard and stairways. I am so happy you do not have to go here in the midst of it all. 

Monday morning we are moving to the Country; here we have an insufferable heat at 29/30 degrees in the shade and not a drop of rain has fallen. 

Late yesterday afternoon I was down at the blacksmith’s where they were still at work; of course I believe he can, but just as surely I feel it goes slowly. Tomorrow afternoon around five the boiler is to be tested in the presence of engineer Gustafsson and late on Monday they will install it in the boat (the engine is already partly installed). [And] then I hope it will be possible to see more of what they are doing. I have spoken to the sail maker once. 

We have received a letter from Aron Eriksson and I will do my best to answer him [as] he intends to come up here this summer.

When the children come home from school I will ask them to write a little letter to Daddy all by themselves – we will see what it looks like. 

Very warm kisses and greetings included from your little devoted Hilda.

Author: Hilda Ericsson, original manuscript.

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