From Hilda to Lars Magnus, November 1899

Stockholm November 3, 1899

Dearest husband and father!

You cannot believe how much joy your letters give me; it is as if I gain new strength to live when I read them. We are in good health and live each day as the other, except that last Monday we saw Dr. Nordensson for Lalle’s eyes and are to return to him again on the 9th for more tests; on Nordensson’s advice we went to see Professor Key Åberg the next day – in his opinion there is nothing by way of operation to be done, but we received several ointments for rubbing the nose and I almost feel that the cold is better already.

I have received a short letter from Gustaf and a longer one from Kärgers which I include. Mother was kind enough to translate it for me. Lalle and I had dinner with Sofia and Mother yesterday and she was kind enough to write a postcard for me to the Kärgers in answer. 

Maybe you and Gustaf will happen to be here at the same time and my loved ones are truly welcome home. 

Anna has sent me a short, dry and empty letter and will write a few lines to her today. 

Once again we have had a case of illness at Ahlby, the foreman’s girls; yesterday she was given a serum injection and today she is better. We even have new staff in the kitchen and hope that it will work out well. 

On November 1 Uncle Schultzberg was 80. I was there in the evening and the mood was very serious, but happy. The old man gave a speech to his family and friends himself and I do not believe there was a dry eye when he finished.  

Sometimes I walk to Thulegatan [Street]. Today I telephoned since Mr. Boström had sent over a large box of tea. Sent your greetings and then Mr. B asked to be remembered to you. Everything is just as it always has been. Nothing new at all.

Last Friday Carl Andersson travelled to Copenhagen and was back on Monday morning. It is all done there. The last papers for her device will be signed November 7 (their wedding day! terrible) according to Gustaf himself. 

We were at Ahlby last Sunday on a glorious, lovely day, which is why we did not return home until the evening train. I will not repeat it since little Lalle was all done in both that evening and on Monday. We are going out again tomorrow at dinner, but return with the Sunday boat at 2 p.m. from Fitja. 

Little Lalle just came home from school and sends many many kisses to Daddy. The same question you yourself ask is even daily much in my mind: “What sorrows might come to us during the next days?” But, my beloved Magnus, if we can conscientiously support each other when troubles arrive, should everything be easier to carry, for without hope for the future life is heavy. Thus we must ask our heavenly Father for such [strength].

A long embrace and a kiss from your own devoted Hilda.

Author: Hilda Ericsson, original manuscript.

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