From Lars Magnus to Hilda, August 21 1883

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In Vienna, Aug. 21, 1883

My dear little Wife!

Much thanks for all three letters; the last dated the 16th inst. came yesterday and [was read] with as eager anticipation as formerly. My namesday passed unnoticed, but it passed even so!

Though there is no doubt that Vienna is pleasant, nothing would please me more than to return home at once. As usual, the exhibition is not yet fully ready and there is no way to predict how long it will take.

Everything is greatly similar to Paris and I have do not believe there is anything especially new to report. Our telephones seem to be in the fore forefront and we have not yet seen an exchange matching ours. We have had one contact with interest in the Austrian patent rights, but I do not think we will gain an agreement. 

The Consul has fitted our small section tastefully, having a superb sign painted saying LM Ericsson Co Stockholm etc., but does not wish any remuneration for this work. At 8 this evening we are invited to his country place.

As Meurling is still here, we are four here, all well behaved. Monday past C. arranged a small party for Malin Walein’s birthday where a toast to Mrs. Ericsson was offered as well.

I am happy that our small ones are well and that we will all soon be together again. If possible I shall be back with you on Sunday morning, but it probably will not work out, for once one is well out, it is best to suit oneself to what happens. Greetings to Andersson and everyone. But do not forget that my little Wife is herself greeted from one who would like nothing better than once again be there with his Beloved Spouse. Your Magnus 

PS At times Engineer Cedergren is all in. The entire arrangement can exhaust all of us.  

Author: Lars Magnus Ericsson, original manuscript


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