From Lars Magnus to Hilda, August 21 1885

Onboard the R.M.S. Germanic, Aug 21, 1885

My dearest little Hilda!

Evening of the 12fth we boarded the steamer Germanic, leaving rather well and satisfied the American mainland though I again was somewhat out of sorts.

It was not until the next morning, the 13nth, that the Germanic actually sailed and the first days the weather was good. Even so, I continued to feel sick. A few days into the journey a stubborn wind began and has since continued, in no way contributing to the comfort on board. Still I think that all three of us have been comparably spared, as I know that the other travellers have been unable to eat anything for four days now.

Today we were overjoyed at seeing the Irish coast, at which all faces cleared up and a much desired well-being took hold, which most certainly also included me personally.

In a short while we will enter the Queenstown port to drop the mail etc, followed by another 18 hours sailing before arriving in Liverpool. We will then continue on the London as fast as possible and personally I wish to leave there as early as possible so that I can be in my little Wife’s embrace on Sunday, the 30th. In all probability that pleasure will be denied us, as from what we have so far been able to ascertain, the only boat from London to Göteborg departs on Friday. In that case, I will not reach home on the Sunday mentioned as I would wish. Whichever, we will see each other again around that time if the remaining part of the journey goes well, something we should hope. For all that the time ashore and at sea has gone quickly, it feels a long time since we parted and have a not insignificant longing to you my little Hilda and to our little ones. Should you feel that there is nothing to lose by moving from the countryside, I would be so happy to nave you all nearby when I return. I am even looking forward to returning to the Workshop and my daily duties.  I hope that there is work to be done, something that even that is an important part of our well-being.

As I predicted, the journey has probably not resulted in any new areas. While it is true that our friend Cedergren is inspired by light, but I think this direction should be considered further. Unfortunately it will probably be necessary to cancel the “Jack”-stock, though much too late – inform Andersson thereof. We agreed on a better model of this type at the last moment.  

They are calling for mail now.  Hearty greeting to Mother & Father, the Anderssons and the old man Petterson, Anna Sjöberg and our girls – as well as to the Nilsson boys and others and many kisses to you, my little Wife and to our little Anna and Gustaf from their Daddy.

Author: Lars Magnus Ericsson, original manuscript.

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